Solve the problem of white spots on silicone tubes


Recently, I learned from some technicians in the silicone products factory in the same industry that the surface of the silicone tube that has just been made is prone to white spots of different sizes. The surface of the silicone tube extruded from the normal factory is smooth and translucent, may It is considered to be the problem of raw material silica gel by some buyer, or some people think that it is caused by the weather being too hot for a long time. With these problems, I specifically ask the professional technical operators for the reason, and today I will give you the answer.
JE’s senior technician explained that the reason why the silicone tube has white spots is not because of the rubber compound. When the raw material is kneaded and then passed out through the extrusion drying tunnel, it needs to be subjected to secondary vulcanization baking, but the time of secondary vulcanization Must be controlled, the time used for different silicone products and customers’ requirements are different. If the silicone tube is only white, it can be re-vulcanized. The product without vulcanization is unripe and easy. Crisp, the product will also shorten the life of the silicone tube. Secondly, the temperature of vulcanization also needs to be well grasped.
Therefore, our customers need to clearly confirm the requirements of the products when purchasing silicone tubes. Manufacturers must not blindly produce ,and Manufacturers cannot produce unqualified products in order to save time and cost.
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