Some Tips For Lifting Hook Operation

Some tips for lifting hook operation

    (1) Tips for accurate hooking: In the process of figuring, the hook should be accurately parked on top of the heavy object

 to be hoisted, and it is necessary to use a large object and a small object to "find". Large objects are relatively easy, small 

objects are more complicated, and it is necessary to test the crane to observe the force of the sling wire rope. If the wire 

rope on one side of the hook is tightly stretched first, the wire rope on the other side of the hook is relatively loose; When 

the small object deviates from the center of gravity of the weight, the small object should be run to the side where the wire 

rope is first stressed. When the two wires are equal, the small object is in the correct position.

    (2) Tips for accurate lifting and lowering: When lifting and lowering heavy objects, it is necessary to prevent heavy objects
 from swaying vigorously, to avoid collision accidents and impact on cranes. When lifting heavy objects, keep the center of 
gravity of the hook and the weight on the same vertical line, and slowly pull the hook; when the weight of the heavy object 
is unknown; lift the controller handle to the block to lift, if it is not lifted, it indicates overload Or the crane is faulty, and 
when the heavy object is hung to the designated position, attention should be paid to observe a steady drop.

    (3) Skills for smooth operation When lifting heavy objects, the crane should keep the weight stable and not swing greatly;

 properly control the number of starts of the crane, repeated starting and braking will produce impact, so that the weight 

swings, thus affecting Smooth operation of the operating mechanism can also cause fatigue of the crane, which is

 detrimental to the life of the components of the electrical equipment and the mechanism.


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