Stainless Steel Balustrade/Handrail Features And Applications

Products — stainless steel rails stainless steel rails: stainless steel composite structures are generally divided into the main guardrail posts and the rod, the main lever is also often referred to as competent (eg handrails and stairs portion that is what we call the director). I produced outside the stainless steel composite pipe, lined with stainless steel composite tube, stainless steel spray composite pipe, galvanized steel composite pipe, stainless steel composite pipe corrosion of metal components and large-scale anti-corrosion of new materials, specializing in complex outside the stainless steel / carbon steel composite pipe Production and engineering design, production, installation, construction, advanced production technology and strict testing methods, so that corporate products through the stainless steel composite pipe standards. Features: Easy installation: stainless steel composite fence with plug-in installation, simple and quick, fixed and reliable. Beautiful appearance: stainless steel composite pipe fence with white, blue, red, green and other colors, colorful, decorative, can be combined with other materials used fence. Fence Features: Fence stainless steel composite tube does not fade, not yellow, non-peeling, no cracking, no blistering, no insects, no routine maintenance, no pollution to the environment, is the best choice for landscape guardrail. Anti-aging: -50 ℃ to 70 ℃ under the use of non-fading, corrosion-resistant, high strength, no rust, beautiful and elegant to ensure that 10 years do not fade, anti-aging test up to 30 years. This product is coated galvanized fence post, to remove iron from the steel sheet surface, pickling galvanized, galvanized after the completion of cleaning the surface, electrostatic spray (coated), high temperature baked, having Coating, plastic coating, adhesion, surface smooth, long life and other advantages. Thus coated galvanized guardrail and quality of life far beyond steel paint and other conventional way of processing, galvanizing spray fence column also has the advantage of any color can be developed based on customer requirements to produce with local characteristics unique Stainless steel composite pipe guardrail and fence column. Cross tubes made of stainless steel / carbon steel composite tube is made of stainless steel (SUS304), high-tech composite synchronizing welding quality carbon steel (Q195-Q235, SPCC) made of a bimetal and the like, stainless steel products superior both in appearance gorgeous Appearance, corrosion resistance and strength of carbon steel structure of the many outstanding advantages, compared with pure stainless steel pipe, saving costs and increased strength. Is the best stainless steel pipe upgrade products really achieve the perfect combination of decoration and load. Applications: Stainless steel composite pipe fence gradually applied to the bridge guardrail, road guardrail, factory fence, garden fence and so on. It combines the beauty of stainless steel pipe does not rust and the hardness of carbon steel pipe is good, the advantages of low prices, is widely used in various fields.

Terada hardware makes your railings even better. Our cable railing series of products, widely used in railing assembly. Swage terminal and threaded terminal for railings of different materials with stainless steel wire rope Cable, so simple and stylish railings decoration, is the pursuit of young people now. Closed body turnbuckle use, so that railings have a degree of contraction, what are you hesitant to terada buy your cable railing hardware it.

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