Stainless Steel Plant Overhaul Big Summary During The Spring Festival!

Hurried time, in or busy or leisure work, from the lunar new year full play count less than a month. Recently, my network will be February steel reduction plans made statistics, the specific circumstances are as follows:

In addition to the steel mills with a definite overhaul plan as mentioned above, some such steel mills as Jiuquan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Green Light Technology Co., Ltd. are planning to slow down their pace of production in February, both with slight decreases in their February production. The remaining Beihai Cheng Tak, Zhangjiagang Pohang, Taishan Iron and Steel and other remaining temporary maintenance of steel yet, plans to cut production, holidays and maintain normal production. Therefore, it is estimated that the total output in February 2018 will be reduced by 30-35 tons, of which 200 and 300 are the major ones.

According to my stainless steel net statistics, in February 2017 the domestic steel production capacity of 21 stainless steel crude steel output of 1,778,200 tons, the total crude steel output in February this year is comparable to last year. However, for the market, the trade transactions around the Spring Festival lagged at least for about half a month and the market stock basically did not digest.

Another speculation that the next two months, stainless steel raw material demand side will shrink substantially, especially for electrolytic nickel plate, high carbon ferrochrome, chromium ore may be larger impact. And because the end of the finished product inventory increases the probability of larger, it is estimated that the various steel mills may further postpone the production period. My network will continue to follow the reduction of steel mills situation, the impact on the market outlook will also pay more attention.《FROM TERADA HARDWARE》

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