Stainless Steel Prices Continue To Rise

Stainless steel industry pick up, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and chemical products prices rose significantly, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals rose more than 4 percentage points; coal and refined oil prices continued to decline slightly. The operating rate of enterprises increased while the market price of means of production maintained a slight upward trend. In terms of ferrous metals, with the recent sharp rise in the price of stainless steel, the profitability of stainless steel mills has expanded rapidly, the enthusiasm for production has improved markedly, and the output has rebounded from that in January. From the market situation, the demand for stainless steel downstream industry started earlier this year than in previous years, a large number of real estate after a few days after the Spring Festival, infrastructure projects began to start, end-user market more positive, and stainless steel prices in the situation, The enthusiasm for stockpiling was also markedly improved. The market showed the characteristics of a busy season in advance, and the transaction situation continued to be active. In this context, stainless steel prices ushered in a wave of more substantial rise.

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