Swage Fittings

Railway accessories are components of railway lines. The tracks used here include rails, sleepers, connecting parts, ballast beds, anti climbing equipment, rail supports and switches. As a whole engineering structure, the track is laid on the subgrade and plays a guiding role in the train operation, and it directly bears the tremendous pressure of the rolling stock and its load. Under the driving force of the train, its components must have enough strength and stability to ensure the safe, smooth and uninterrupted operation of the train at the prescribed maximum speed.

PINTEJIN Rigging lifting sling now has become leading enterprise in China. And we are creating the largest-scale and metal forging workshop.PINTEJIN has the complete production line from raw material to finished products. Each processing has independent workshop, making lifting sling, ratchet strap, car towing belt from 0.5T to 3000T. We are capable of finishing big order quickly.

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