Symposium on Private Economy and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Held in Sunshine Aluminum

On the morning of August 18, Wu Kai, member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, hosted a symposium on the development of private economy and SMEs in Sunshine Aluminum. Longquanyi District Committee Secretary Du Haibo, Longquanyi District Committee Standing Committee Member Fu Min and other leaders, as well as representatives of 8 enterprises in Longquanyi District attended the meeting.

Standing Committee Member Wu Kai visited the company exhibition hall and all-aluminum furniture exhibition hall

The meeting closely focused on the themes of enterprise project planning and construction, production and operation, scientific and technological research and development, production value, sales and operation, and analyzed the market with enterprises, discussed technology, and looked forward to the future. By increasing application scenarios, continuously extending the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and broadening the industrial scope, we will further improve the industrial development level and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

Standing Committee Member Wu Kai stated that in the new era, the private economy is the “potential stock” and “main force” for Chengdu’s high-quality development. Chengdu insists on taking private enterprises as an important force and strategic support for future development. He hopes that everyone will study and implement President Xi Jinping. The secretary’s important expositions and important instructions on the development of private economy, unswervingly listen to and follow the party, and make good use of the series of policies and measures issued by the state and Chengdu to support the development of private enterprises. At the same time, relevant functional departments should take the initiative and serve first, make great efforts to solve the problems of “blocking points” and “pain points” in the investment, production and operation of enterprises, continuously optimize the business environment, promote the implementation of various policies and measures, and make every effort to promote the private economy. High-quality development.

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