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Sino Mould is one of best tableware mold China maker, supplying all kinds of tableware mold, like forks molds, spoon molds, knife molds, is a professional China tableware molds maker.
Tableware, like the forks ,spoons and knifes, they are disposable products, which have large demands and can’t be used again. The point requires the tableware molds need short cycle time and high speed injection. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, we have developed stack molds(Hamburger molds). These kinds of molds have two sets of cavities and cores, the height of the tableware molds is same as the normal moulds sizes. In the same condition, the stack molds will come out twice products than the normal molds by the same injection molding machine.
As a professional tableware mold China maker, here are some basic information for the tableware molds:
Tableware mold China core and cavity steel: S136 or DIN.12738.
Tableware mold China gate: valve gate for center runner
Tableware mold China raw material: PS or PP.
Tableware mold China max.cavities: 48 cavities.
Tableware mold China cycle time: 10 seconds
Tableware mold China delivery time: 50days
Tableware mold China running: fully automatic
We have rich experience in making tableware mold China, and can offer customers a tailored solution for their production need and input control. Also, If you only need the tableware back to your country, the tableware molding service will be offered for you. Anyone who feel interested in Tableware mold or Tableware molding parts, tableware mold China maker , Sino Mould will help you and make you satisfied.

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