TDK expands line of coupled inductors

TDK Corp. has expanded its range of coupled inductors with the introduction of the EPCOS series B82472D6*. The new series is comprised of nine parts that cover an inductance range of 2 × 2.2 µH to 2 × 47 µH with maximum rated currents of 1.1 A to 4.3 A.

TDK expands line of coupled inductorsThe magnetically-shielded inductors feature high saturation currents of up to 7.95 A. The coupled inductors measure 7.3 × 7.3 × 4.8 mm and are designed for a wide temperature range of -55°C and 150°C. Depending on the type, the chokes offer very high coupling factors of the two windings, from 97 to 99 percent. The devices are RoHS compliant and AEC-Q200 certified.

The coupled inductors are suited for a variety of galvanically non-insulated DC/DC converter topologies such as SEPIC, Cuk and Zeta. The inductors can act as transformers in flyback and multi-output buck topologies, where the coupled inductors provide a second output voltage, and as common-mode chokes in power supply lines. The insulation voltage between the two windings is >500 V.

Roundup: Power inductors for high-temperature applications

TDK also recently expanded its range of dual inductors with the EPCOS series B82477D6*, covering an inductance range from 2 x 3.9 µH to 2 x 47 µH with maximum rated currents from 2.83 A to 7.05 A. These dual inductors can be used as coupled inductors in SEPIC or 1:1 transformers in flyback topologies as well as a common-mode Inductor in power supply lines. The devices provide an isolation voltage between the two windings of >500 V.

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