Temperature Range For Tempering Heat Treatment

Temperature range for tempering heat treatment 

According to the temperature range of tempering heat treatment, tempering can be divided into low temperature 

tempering, medium temperature tempering and high temperature tempering.

1, low temperature tempering:

The workpiece is tempered at 150~250 °C. The purpose is to maintain the high hardness and wear resistance of 

the quenched workpiece and reduce the residual stress and brittleness of the quenching.

2, moderate temperature temper:

Tempering of the workpiece between 350 and 500 °C. The aim is to achieve higher elasticity and yield point with 

proper toughness. After tempering, a tempered troostite is obtained, which refers to a multiphase structure in 

which a fine spheroidal carbide is distributed in a ferrite matrix formed during martensite tempering.

3, high temperature tempering:

Tempering of the workpiece at temperatures above 500~650 °C. The aim is to obtain comprehensive mechanical 

properties with good strength, ductility and toughness. After tempering, tempered sorbite is obtained, which refers 

to a multiphase structure in which fine spheroidal carbides are distributed in the ferrite matrix formed during 

martensite tempering.


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