Terada Hardware Spring Festival Arrange

January 23, 2018

Spring Festival is approaching, and now it has finally entered the twelfth lunar month of Chinese lunar calendar. The last month of Chinese Year of the Rooster is also the coldest month. Terada Hardware will also finish the production and finish the Spring Festival holiday , In fact, the last month not only busy shipping, will also face the final year-end summary, summarizes the results of a year, summed up the year's experience, summarizes the receipt of the year, summarizes the year's absence, for all aspects of the year-end Summary and analysis. After the Spring Festival in rigging hardware and cable railing series of new goals to be struggled.

Thank new and old customers for their long-term support of our company. I hereby wish you all the best wishes for the New Year and happy New Year! 2018 Spring Festival approaching, the Division I set the following date for the New Year holidays, please make plans before and after the holiday plan, if there are special circumstances, during the holidays need to contact Terada hardware, pls send email to [email protected] com, we will have a staff member handling mail 24 hours a day.

Holiday time:

February 5, 2018 – February 26, 2018.

Thanks again for your support and cooperation. I wish you a Happy New Year, all the best.


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