Terada Rigging Hardare Manufacture

Qingdao Terada Hardware manufacture the rigging hardware included the stainless turnbuckle, stainless shackle, stainless wire rope, stainless eyenut and stainless eyebolt,and stainless hooks. Stainless turnbuckle is our popular products.Turnbuckle, also known as turnbuckle screw, screw turnbuckle,  wire rope turnbuckle, for binding Fasten the wire rope and play the role of elastic adjustment. According to turnbuckle technology, there are three main types of process molding: precision casting, normal forging, and better non-magnetic forging. Currently, precision casting and ordinary forging are mainly on the market, while precision casting is mainly used for stationary and non-critical situations such as gardening Decoration, furniture decoration. Forging Orchid used to enhance the goods bundled reinforcement, architectural decoration, luxury yacht accessories.

As a stainless turnbuckle manufacturers, each of our products are subject to strict quality control, each newly developed product will undergo numerous experiments, the technology will fully understand the product performance and parameters in order to give customers the most professional services and answers doubt. At present, for many stainless steel forgings can not achieve better forging production of stainless steel products, but our company can forged stainless steel forged turnbuckle, we have pneumatic high tonnage presses, forged stainless steel products full of type, low rejection rate , Received the customer's praise and love. Choose the right stainless turnbuckle manufacturers, Terada Hardware will be your trusted partner.(FROM TERADA HARDWARE)

PINTEJIN Rigging lifting sling now has become leading enterprise in China. And we are creating the largest-scale and metal forging workshop.PINTEJIN has the complete production line from raw material to finished products. Each processing has independent workshop, making lifting sling, ratchet strap, car towing belt from 0.5T to 3000T. We are capable of finishing big order quickly.

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