The 2020 World Internet Conference has come to an end, and industrial Internet security has attracted attention

From November 23rd to 24th, the 2020 World Internet Conference Internet Development Forum was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Under the special background of the epidemic, the conference presents a new look of “small but refined” and “new and alive”, and the way of participating in the conference has also been newly designed. Various activities will be carried out in the form of “offline + online”, which will be set up in Wuzhen. In the live venue, guests who are unable to attend the venue will be able to participate online.

Compared with previous conferences, the sharp and intensive views of the Internet giants and the anecdotes of the dinner after the conference can always become the focus of heated discussions among netizens, affecting people’s attention and nerves. Now, the seventh World Internet Conference may be the Under the influence of the global “new crown” epidemic, it appears to be different. Therefore, this conference was also rated as the quietest one in the history of the conference.

Although “small and refined”, the conference still maintained its due level and achieved a number of important results. During the conference, digital new technologies, new achievements, new products, and new applications in the fields of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and 5G were unveiled one by one, breaking people’s imaginations. In addition, the conference also released the “World Internet Development Report 2020” and “China Internet Development Report 2020”. From “digital economy and scientific anti-epidemic” to “scientific development and innovation-driven”, from “‘Belt and Road’ Internet International Cooperation” to “Youth and the Digital Future”, from “Innovation and Breakthrough of Industrial Internet”, “Artificial Intelligence” to “International Rules of Cyberspace”, the conference has 2 main forums and 5 sub-forums, which are very exciting.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

This forum released 15 world-leading Internet technologies, including the endogenous security framework, a new generation of enterprise network security framework for industrial Internet security risks. The architecture was developed by Qi Anxin Group.

According to the report of the conference forum, my country’s industrial Internet platform connects a huge amount of industrial control systems, business systems, and networks, and at the same time carries a large amount of industrial Internet data, which has become the key target of network attacks. Moreover, there are many types of industrial Internet, complex data flow, and various usage scenarios. Therefore, Security issues such as data tampering, leakage, misuse, and cross-border data flow have become more prominent. Compared with traditional industries, the security risks of industrial Internet have greatly increased.

More data shows that my country has 4,630 industrial equipment exposed on the Internet, involving 47 types of equipment such as programmable logic controllers, smart buildings, and data acquisition from 35 domestic and foreign manufacturers, of which the proportion of equipment with high-risk vulnerabilities. about 41%. Ensuring the safety of industrial control systems is crucial to the current implementation of the smart manufacturing industry. In the process of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, reliable industrial control systems and technologies are essential.

Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi Anxin Group, said that endogenous security refers to the built-in and self-growing security capabilities in the information environment. Through the “five filters in one center”, ubiquitous network security “immunity” is established from the five levels of network, data, application, behavior, and identity, thereby greatly reducing the risk of network attacks and ensuring business security. “Endogenous safety is a complex system engineering, and its realization depends on the endogenous safety framework.”

With the development of the industrial Internet industry, industrial enterprises moving to the cloud, and the accelerated collaboration between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, more and more industrial equipment and systems are exposed to the Internet, and security risks continue to increase. “Network security is an associated technology, and it is a scenario-based solution. Therefore, wherever informatization goes, it escorts the informatization.” Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi Anxin Group, said that with the development of the industrial Internet, Network security technology puts forward higher requirements, so it is necessary to actively study the development direction of informatization or digitalization and new application scenarios, and then propose a set of targeted systems that can ensure network security according to the new scenarios.

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