The Announcements Of Cable Railing Fittings Hardrail

For most cable railing fitting is used in hardrail,Now this is the very popular style of decoration

but We have many places need to be aware, as follows:

First, indoor stair handrail height specification

Indoor staircase decoration height, the standard is 90cm, of course, this data can be changed according to the actual situation. When the length of the staircase exceeds 5 meters, the height of the stair handrail may be properly raised to 100 cm. In addition, if there are children in the home, for safety's sake, it is better to set the height of the stair handrail to 100cm.

Second, outdoor staircase handrail specification

When the altitude of 24 meters below the height of outdoor staircase handrails should not share less than 105cm, when the altitude of 24 meters above the outdoor staircase handrail height should not be less than 110cm. .

Third, other stair handrail installation precautions

1, the height of the staircase handrail algorithm: from the staircase or roof to the top of the staircase handrail vertical height for the staircase armrest height calculation.

2, the railing vertical bar between the headroom should not be greater than 11cm, especially at home with children.

3, the railings from the floor or roof 10cm height should not be left blank.

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