The application life of hardware precision stamping parts should pay attention to the following points:

The application life of hardware precision stamping parts should pay attention to the following points:

  • 1. The drawing stamping parts should be strictly checked before placement and application, and the dirt should be removed, and the guide sleeves and molds of the drawing stamping parts should be carefully checked for good lubrication.
  • 2. Regularly check the turntable of the punch press and the mold placement base to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the high and low turntable.
  • 3. Place the convex and concave molds on the turntable according to the mold placement procedure to ensure that the convex and concave drawing stampings have the same bias, especially the drawing stampings with bias requirements should be countersunk to prevent incorrect or reverse installation.
  • 4. When the punch and die edge of the drawing stamping parts wear, the application should be stopped and sharpened in real time, otherwise it will rapidly expand the wear of the die edge, accelerate the wear of the die, and reduce the quality and life of the die.
  • 5. The stamping personnel should use softer metal to make the manipulation object when placing the mold, to prevent damage to the drawing stamping parts when knocking or smashing during the placement process.
  • 6.In order to guarantee the application life of the drawing stamping parts, the spring of the mold should be replaced regularly to prevent the spring from being damaged and affecting the application of drawing stamping parts.

The application life of drawing stamping parts depends on reasonable die layout, ultra-high production accuracy, good heat treatment results and precise selection of punches, drawing stamping parts placement accuracy and other components, as well as the precise application, maintenance and maintenance of molds. Protection is also a link that cannot be neglected.

Stamping parts are the production technology of product parts with the necessary style, size and performance by relying on the power of general rules or special stamping equipment to make the sheet metal in the mold simply receive the deformation force and deform. Sheet materials, molds and equipment are the three elements of stamping processing. Stamping is a metal cold deformation processing technique. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, or stamping for short. The manufacture of electronic stamping parts is one of the main techniques of metal plastic processing, and it is also subordinate to the material forming engineering technology.

Of the global steel, 50-60% are made of plates, of which a large area is a finished product that has been punched. Car bodies, radiator fins, boiler drums, container shells, motors, electrical iron core silicon steel sheets, etc. are usually stamped. There are also a large number of stamping parts in products such as instruments and meters, household appliances, office machines, and preservation utensils. Stamping is an efficient delivery action. It adopts a compound die, which is a multi-station progressive die. It can realize multi-step stamping technology manipulation on one press and realize the automatic generation of materials. The production rate is fast, the rest time is long, and the childbirth cost is low. The group can deliver hundreds of pieces per minute, which is favored by many manufacturers.

Compared with castings and forgings, stamping parts have the characteristics of thinness, uniformity, lightness and strength. Stamping can produce workpieces with stiffeners, ribs, bends or flanges that are difficult to produce with this ability to improve their rigidity. Because of rejecting rough molds, precision stamping parts of hardware can reach the micron level with high precision and consistent specifications, and can punch out holes and bosses. In actual production, process experiments similar to the stamping process are commonly used, such as drawing performance experiments, bulging performance experiments, etc. to test the stamping performance of the material to ensure the finished product quality and high pass rate.

In addition to the hydraulic press for forming thick plates, the stamping and fusion process usually uses a stagnant press. With contemporary high-speed multi-station stagnation press as the core, it is equipped with equipment configuration decoiling, finished product network, transportation and other stagnation, as well as mold library and quick mold placement, and the application of computer French tube bundle can form a forced stamping delivery line with high delivery rate and high delivery rate. . Under the condition that dozens or hundreds of stamping parts are delivered every minute, the stamping and outputting processes can be realized in an instant, which often causes personal, fusion, and character events.

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