The benefits of Fangtian cloud ERP system for management enterprises

According to industry legend, Liu Chuanzhi has a famous saying: “Don’t die if you go to ERP. If you go to ERP, you will die.” Many companies think that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can bring enterprise management to a higher level, in line with international standards, and realize informatization. And the whole process of monitoring, so he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money, but often the effect is not good. But this is a thing of the past. Now most companies have used ERP systems to improve their management effects by leaps and bounds. The following will share the benefits of implementing Fangtian ERP system to the management of various departments of the company.

1. Benefits to the general manager

  • 1. The company’s operating status can be grasped at any time from the data in the system.
  • 2. Establish the company’s management system and operation specifications, which will be operated by the system management company.
  • 3. Establish a database for company operations, accumulate the company’s management experience and knowledge, and will not be lost due to personnel changes.
  • 4. The integration of system information can improve the company’s response speed, without the need for manpower statistics, which can reduce errors and save manpower.
  • 5. A large number of computing functions provided by the system can strengthen the company’s production flexibility and improve the ability to receive orders.
  • 6. The system can integrate the data of each unit, can settle at any time, and understand the company’s current operating costs.
  • 7. The system complies with fiscal and taxation regulations and may achieve the goal of internal audit and internal control.
  • 8. The system complies with the specifications for listing and listing, and can assist companies in listing and listing operations.
  • 9. The system can reflect various abnormal conditions and provide relevant information to facilitate problem solving.
  • 10. The system can provide the functions of electronic sign-off and work flow, which can achieve the goal of paperless.
  • 11. The system can remotely operate and query online, which is convenient for cross-border management and is not restricted by region.
  • 12. The system can be used for fund management to improve the efficiency of fund operation.

2. Benefits for department managers

  • 1 Check the fluctuations in the unit price of all raw materials purchased by the company at any time, and respond according to market conditions.
  • 2. Analyze the total purchase amount of the supplier in a certain period of time, and negotiate discounts with the bulk raw material supplier based on the valid digital amount.
  • 3. In the sales part, customers can be divided according to the sales amount within a certain period of time. Determine A-level customers.
  • 4. Analyze customer orders, make a trend chart for the order volume of goods shipped, focus on control, analyze its cost, and reduce its cost of sales as much as possible, thereby increasing profits. It can also make a forecast of product sales.
  • 5. Analyze inventory abnormalities and inventory errors, and formulate corresponding processing plans. Feedback information to relevant departments to optimize inventory.
  • 6. The project can be audited and controlled for the project part, analyze its project profit and loss, and evaluate its feasibility.
  • 7. A budget can be made for the whole year’s expenses, and then compared with the actual occurrence, the difference part is analyzed, and the corresponding strategy is formulated.
  • 8. The purchase unit price can be electronically signed and controlled, so that the purchaser must use the purchase unit price signed by the supervisor when placing a purchase order.
  • 9. Regarding the account receivable part, the system reflects the length of the account age, which can quickly understand and track the account receivable in real time.
  • 10. Perform statistical analysis on the sales performance of business personnel, formulate corresponding reward and punishment mechanisms, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to a greater extent, and create greater benefits for the company.
  • 11 Keep abreast of the scrapping situation in the production process, analyze the abnormal work orders of scrapping, and formulate corresponding strategies.
  • 12. Analyze the operating ability, financial structure, and profitability, and analyze the various abnormal coefficients.
  • 13. In the process of using workflow message management, timely and quickly understand the delays of purchase orders and sales orders, and make corresponding adjustments to abnormal parts.

3.the benefits of material control and production management

  • 1. It can keep track of the sales order quantity, shipment quantity, undelivered quantity and customer demand date in time.
  • 2. Can control the purchase and arrival status of materials at any time.
  • 3. The inventory status of materials and products can be grasped at any time, and production and shipment arrangements can be made in time.
  • 4. Carry out delivery forecast analysis and material analysis to customer needs, so as to determine whether production capacity and materials can meet customer needs, and quickly feedback information to the business.
  • 5. Through the product master plan, work orders for finished and semi-finished products can be issued at one time, reducing the workload.
  • 6. Material requirements can list the inventory, allocated, in-transit, estimated inventory, and missing materials of the materials needed to produce the current product, which are checked by the material control, and can be directly transferred to the procurement system to generate purchase orders .
  • 7. When opening a manufacturing order, you can know the inventory, allocated and requisite quantities of each material.
  • 8. You can set the completion plan of the dispatch order, and query the completion status of the plan through <<Order Production Schedule>> to control production.
  • 9. The production schedule of the machining center can control the ultra-short load situation of various resources at any time, so as to make the corresponding deployment.
  • 10. Performance analysis of the machining center, which can understand the actual man-hour consumption and production efficiency of the machining center, the rate of good products, and the rate of defective products.
  • 11. Product master plan progress tracking table, you can inquire about the production schedule, the number of sets that have been picked, the number of sets that have not been picked, and the number of warehousing according to the sales order.
  • 12. The progress of the manufacturing order and the progress of the order are reflected at any time.
  • 13. Production line work-in-progress transfer control and input, output, and in-process analysis of each station.
  • 14. Transfer and storage over-quantity control and storage time control.
  • 15. The overdue and unfinished manufacturing order data tracking table can deal with the overdue manufacturing order in time.
  • 16. Over-requisition restrictions and replenishment procedures control.

4.the benefits of quality control

  • 1. Use quality control operations to make the entire operation process more rational and complete.
  • 2. The record of incoming materials is more complete, which is convenient for traceability, analysis and subsequent improvement.
  • 3. Able to make detailed records of the entire production process to facilitate subsequent analysis and improvement.
  • 4. Able to uniformly analyze the quality of the materials provided by the supplier for us, so that the operation can be adjusted accordingly.
  • 5. Be able to concentrate on analyzing the links that need to be resolved in the products produced within the company.
  • 6. Ability to cancel a large number of manual inspection reports, improve efficiency, and reduce unnecessary human errors.
  • 7. Multi-link quality control operations can perform multiple certifications on products and reduce unnecessary repetitive operations in the follow-up.

5. the benefits of the system to accounting

  • 1. The monthly financial statements are timely settled: such as the balance sheet and monthly profit and loss statement provided by the financial staff every month. The financial staff of the system operation no longer need to laboriously check for unbalanced loans.
  • 2. The detailed account management is clear at a glance: As a factory, no matter how many clients you have, they can be managed by the system, and you can always keep track of their receivables and unpaid amounts. Financial staff also don’t have to worry about the unevenness of the general ledger and detailed accounts.
  • 3. Control and deployment of capital flow: inquire about factory capital occupation and balance situation in time, and make capital forecast, and provide reasonable plan for the leader’s capital operation.
  • 4. All departments are linked to each other in system operations, and the final documents are reviewed and kept by financial personnel to facilitate the internal supervision and internal control of the internal management of the factory.
  • 5. Cost settlement is easily completed. The monthly system transactions are normal, the documents are complete, and the cost calculation is easy to settle.
  • 6. The financial staff has a characteristic when checking out: the front is loose and the back is tight, that is, nothing happens at the beginning of the month, and there is no time at the end of the month. The system operation focuses on the timely entry of daily operations and the check of the correctness of the documents. As long as the data is entered correctly at ordinary times, the system calculates the report data at the end of the month, which is conducive to the rational use of enterprise human resources.
  • 7. The system operation is not only to provide the report data of the current month, but also to provide the comparison of the data between different months to facilitate the analysis of various financial data.
  • 8. The use of budget function provides analysis between budget and actual.
  • 9. Provide multi-angle analysis and statistics functions: such as sales (purchase amount) statistics by customers, statistics by customers, statistics by salesmen, statistics by inventory, statistics by inventory classification, etc.
  • 10. For the operating factories in the three places, this system provides the most convenient and efficient method for data exchange between databases, business exchanges, and financial and account consolidation.

6. the benefits to the business

  • 1. Provide complete customer basic information files, record various detailed information of customers and related transaction conditions with customers, so as to facilitate future data inquiries.
  • 2. You can enter sales orders conveniently and quickly, control the customer’s order quantity, and provide daily orders at any time.
  • 3. The system automatically deducts the accounts that have been shipped, and provides the details of unpaid orders in real time, so that it is convenient to check P/O with customers.
  • 4. Provide online production status analysis of orders, which can accurately understand the current production status and quickly reply to the delivery date of customers.
  • 5. Provide approved unit price management, provide transaction history unit price query, and understand the status of unit price changes.
  • 6. Provide an order forecast usage analysis table, which can calculate the material requirements of the forecast part of the customer, and prepare the materials in advance.
  • 7. You can provide the shipping reconciliation schedule of the shipped part at any time to facilitate reconciliation with customers.
  • 8. Provide credit line control, which can ensure the timeliness of fund return, reduce the occurrence of bad debts of the company, and reduce the company’s operating risks.
  • 9. Provide a comparison table between the company’s material number and the customer’s material number, and you can directly use the customer’s material number for order processing, shipping list printing, query management, etc., which greatly improves the work efficiency.
  • 10. Provide order version control, which can trace back the modified content of the customer’s order and the original order information according to the version change.
  • 11. Can provide sales trend analysis reports by period, inventory, and customers to understand sales trends and market trends, and provide first-hand information for future production and sales plans.
  • 12. For the export part, Invoice and Packinglist can be automatically provided according to the delivery order, which can meet the needs of export customers without repeating operations.
  • 13.Resource sharing is truly achieved. As long as you have the authority, you can enter the system and check all the relevant information about the customer’s order and shipment at a glance. It will not be because the staff responsible for a customer is not available and others will not understand the situation and cannot be timely. Respond to and handle customer issues.

7.the benefits to the project

  • 1. You can design multiple BOM versions for the same product.
  • 2. The BOM with similar product structure can be directly copied to reduce input.
  • 3. Through the BOM structure tree, the multi-level relationship of the product can be clearly printed.
  • 4. It is possible to compare the BOM structure between different products.
  • 5. The substitution relationship of materials can be maintained.
  • 6. You can change multiple product BOMs at once.
  • 7. You can maintain the co-by-product data of the main product.
  • 8. The same product can maintain multiple processing techniques.
  • 9. Various resources and individual resources can be maintained.
  • 10. The production capacity of various resources can be adjusted at any time.

8. Benefits to the warehouse management department

  • 1. Quickly check the warehouse inventory and related material status, such as the material in transit, allocated, purchased, etc. The quantity is more comprehensive.
  • 2. Inventory query methods are flexible and convenient. For example, you can check the historical inventory at a certain point in time, you can check the inventory of a certain category or warehouse, and you can only check the inventory that has transactions on the day.
  • 3. You can quickly check the safety stock status of common stocks and know whether materials should be purchased in time to ensure production needs.
  • 4. Can quickly check the status of sluggish materials in the warehouse to deal with it in time, reduce the occupation of funds due to inventory backlog, and improve capital operating capacity.
  • 5. Warehouse management is simple, easy, timely and accurate. Warehouse data can be generated in a variety of formats according to the needs of the leader, which is beautiful and generous, fast and flexible.
  • 6. The monthly inventory data is generated quickly and conveniently, and the system automatically counts the inventory profit and loss figures of the warehouse account and the accounting account.
  • 7. The documents made by the warehouse can be automatically transmitted to the financial and other related departments by the system, which is timely and accurate.
  • 8. The warehouse data can be shared with other departments in real time, so there is no need to always receive calls to check inventory for people all day long.
  • 9. There are special report statistics for abnormal inventory, so that the warehouse staff can check it in a targeted manner.
  • 10. In order to meet financial needs, there is a separate interface for the inventory received at the end of the month for which there is no invoice for temporary inventory estimation.

9. Benefits to the Purchasing Department

  • 1. Resource integration. The procurement system resources are integrated with other human, financial, and material resources in a database, which is conducive to the sharing of corporate resources.
  • 2. Once the information is uploaded and the purchase receipt is entered, the system will automatically send a short message to notify the supervisor for review.
  • 3. When the order is issued, the purchase order will be automatically transferred to the warehouse department to facilitate the inspection and storage of items.
  • 4. Financial accounting, purchase warehousing documents will be automatically transferred to the accounting system, which is convenient for financial staff to reconcile and keep accounts.
  • 5. The purchase can be arranged directly according to customer orders received by the business department.
  • 6. The system will calculate the raw material requirements according to the production order issued by the production management department, and can automatically convert it into a purchase order.
  • 7. It can maintain the supply chain management (SCM) of upstream and downstream manufacturers.
  • 8. Unified management of suppliers and their quotations, which is convenient for evaluating suppliers and comparing and analyzing purchase prices.
  • 9. According to actual needs, the scope of purchased items can be divided according to different purchasing personnel.
  • 10. When the purchase order is entered, the system automatically brings in the approved price of the supplier, which is convenient for entering the order.
  • 11. Record the requisition status of raw materials in each department in the requisition operation, and it can be automatically converted into a purchase order for purchase.
  • 12. When the supplier delivers the goods, the temporary receipt information is directly related to the quality control. If the inspection is qualified, it will be stored in the warehouse, otherwise it will be returned.
  • 13. Provide various query forms to keep track of purchase orders, purchase unit price, vendor delivery, warehouse acceptance, purchase follow-up, purchase reconciliation, accounts payable and other information.

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