The difference between pneumatic punch and ordinary punch

The difference between the brake mode of the pneumatic punch and the pneumatic clutch is obvious. The power of the pneumatic punch is very different during the use of the pneumatic punch. The pressure of the pneumatic punch mainly comes from the pressure of the punch. Regarding the pressure of the flywheel, the pressure of the flywheel is mainly concentrated in the pressure generated by the crankshaft. Let’s take a look at the difference between ordinary punches and pneumatic punches in detail below.

  • 1: One of the differences between the two lies in the safety performance. Compared with the traditional punching machine, the safety performance of pneumatic punching machine is relatively higher.
  • 2: There is a difference in precision between the two. Pneumatic punching machines are relatively different from traditional punching machines in terms of precision, and it is more convenient to use than ordinary punching machines.
  • 3: The difference between ordinary presses and pneumatic presses is speed. Pneumatic presses run relatively fast. Pneumatic presses have cylinders and need air, while traditional ones do not.
  • 4: The prices of the two are quite different. The price of pneumatic punches is higher than that of traditional punches.

Ordinary punch presses use traditional braking methods. The most common one is mechanical key brake. The main punching power comes from the impulse generated by the motor driving the flywheel and the flywheel driving the crankshaft. Ordinary punches are also called presses, which are a relatively traditional mechanical processing method in the stamping process. This kind of machine tool can save product materials and energy, and its efficiency is relatively low compared with pneumatic punching machine. The operator’s technical requirements are not high, so the existing safety hazards also have certain risks.

Pneumatic punching machine is a general-purpose machine in the stamping industry. It is suitable for punching, blanking, bending, stretching and other cold stamping work (not used for pressing and printing work). Equipped with a feeding mechanism, it can perform semi-automatic or fully automatic work. It is equipped with photoelectric Protection can reduce occupational injuries to a lower level.

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