The difference between welded pipe bracket pipe

Straight seam welded pipe is a general term. It is produced by steel strips. The pipes that are welded by high frequency welding equipment are called straight seam welded pipes. (The name is given because the welds of the steel pipe are in a straight line). Among them, according to different purposes, there are different back-end production processes. (It can be roughly divided into scaffolding pipes, fluid pipes, wire casings, bracket pipes, guardrail pipes, etc.) And low-pressure fluid welded pipes are a kind of longitudinal welded pipes, generally For the transportation of water and gas, one more water pressure test is performed after the welding is completed than for ordinary welded pipes. Therefore, the price of low-pressure fluid pipes is generally a little higher than that of ordinary longitudinally welded pipes (based on the current market price, it is about 80 yuan higher) For example: Welded steel pipe fluid pipe 1 inch (DN25) (that is, Φ33.5*3.25), the price is about 3950 per ton. The ordinary straight seam welded pipe is around 3880.

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