The Difficulty During Aluminum Machining

The difficulty during Aluminum machining
  This technical discussion deals with the use of tools for precision machining of aluminum alloy holes to meet design requirements and process assembly requirements. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In the field of aviation, automotive and mechanical fields, the use of aluminum alloy raw materials is becoming more and more extensive, and because of the high machinability of the raw materials, the dimensional accuracy of the parts in the above-mentioned areas, Very high Mechanical processing to ensure product quality, equipment, fixtures, especially the tools have a high demand. The process of complex forming step hole Universal tool program: First, according to the size requirements of processing parts and rough blank before processing, processing tools are divided into: a rough processing, b semi-precision machining, c choose a reasonable processing margin design Fine step reamer (according to the requirements of the steps of the drawings)
Second, the choice of tools in the design: 1, the choice of raw materials for the tool: aluminum alloy for the hardness of raw materials, mechanical properties Select cutting tool material, generally rough processing applications Carbide, precision machining applications Diamond materials
2 2, in the rough tool, finishing structure design according to the steps of the size requirements, reasonable design tool size, especially the finishing tool structure.
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