The first sale was successful, and MVG StarWave led the 5G mmWave OTA test

Wireless connectivity testing specialist Microwave Vision Group (MVG) recently announced that its new solution for 5G mmWave OTA testing, StarWave, has been recognized and welcomed by the telecom industry since its launch to the market. Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic presenting serious challenges to industries around the world, it is exciting to see the first StarWave system sold in the United States and will be used to test 5G phones, tablets and laptops.

MVG CTO Per Iversen reveals the importance of the technology to the telecom industry. He said: “StarWave optimizes the 5G device testing process. It is a compact, flexible, dual-polarized wideband Plane Wave Generator (PWG) developed specifically as a turnkey test solution. It combines a non-invasive and intelligent mechanical positioner Combined with the PWG, accurate indirect far-field conditions can be created in a compact system. StarWave provides real-time end-to-end testing, a feature also hailed as a key selling point by the system’s first buyer.”

Capable of testing a wide range of dedicated 5G frequency bands, StarWave provides a highly and scalable all-in-one test solution for 5G equipment being developed in the telecommunications industry. StarWave is also a compact solution for stable, fast and simple operation with minimal Electronic components.

Philippe Garreau, CEO of MVG, concluded: “The launch of StarWave is significant for the testing of 5G devices. We are delighted to lead the helm with this innovative technology. The launch of this product has been a huge success, in addition to winning StarWave’s Beyond the first sale, our team is already working with many other businesses looking to invest in the technology.”

For more information on the StarWave system, including technical specifications and performance simulations, please visit to download the electronic brochure. Or visit to get in touch with the MVG local team to discuss your needs in detail.


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