The Importance Of Cooling In The Heat Treatment Process

The importance of cooling in the heat treatment process

Cooling is also an important step in the heat treatment process. The cooling method varies from process to 

process, mainly to control the cooling rate. Generally, the cooling rate of the annealing is slow, the cooling rate of 

the normalizing is faster, and the cooling speed of the quenching is fast. However, there are different 

requirements depending on the type of steel. For example, an empty hard steel can be hardened at the same 

cooling rate as a normal fire.

Metal heat treatment processes can be roughly divided into three categories: overall heat treatment, surface heat 

treatment and chemical heat treatment. Depending on the heating medium, heating temperature and cooling 

method, each class can be divided into several different heat treatment processes. The same metal uses different

 heat treatment processes to obtain different microstructures and thus different properties. Steel is a widely used 

metal in the industry, and the microstructure of steel is also complicated, so there are many kinds of steel heat 

treatment processes.

The overall heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process that heats the workpiece as a whole and then cools it

 at an appropriate speed to change its overall mechanical properties. The overall heat treatment of steel has four

 basic processes: annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.


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