The Importance Of Grade 80 Lifting Chain In Construction Industry

The importance of Grade 80 Lifting Chain in Construction Industry

With the development of modern towns and cities, the emergence of lifting chains is also indispensable, because he can 

help people in most construction industries to provide more convenience, but also to make people's safety more secure. 

Many areas now have different locations, and regular quantitative lifting chains, although costing a lot of money, are the 

best tools for the construction industry.

Nowadays, many people are discussing the practicality of the lifting chain. According to this, our company has made 

corresponding summaries for reference: First of all, the lifting chain is to assist the implementation of large-scale 

construction projects, so many areas can be used. This feature, at the same time, can prevent accidents and allow people to

 operate safer.

The utility of the lifting chain also has an important role, that is, his impact resistance, bearing capacity, toughness and 

elongation, greatly improving its safety and service life, so for many regions, this effect It is excellent, which is also very 

helpful for the economic development of towns and cities and the acquisition of profits. From this perspective, the lifting 

chain is very practical. Secondly, the lifting chain has a huge effect: its safety factor: a minimum of 4 times the safety factor, 

can produce non-standard chain according to customer requirements.

Grade 80 Chain should pass the CE test issued by TUV which will strictly check the quality and technical information when testing.


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