The Importance Of Rigging Slings With Secure Connections

The importance of rigging slings with secure connections


     As a rigging manufacturer, we are now most concerned about the quality of our products, and one is the safety of our

 employees. In order to ensure the safety of the hoisting process, in addition to selecting the sling products with excellent 

quality, the sling connection in use is also very important. When using multiple sling products, it is necessary to understand 

the correctness. 

     When lifting the sling, use the sling connection correctly. The slings should be correctly placed and connected in a safe 

manner. The slings must be placed on the load so that the load can balance the width of the slings; the slings can not be 

knotted or twisted at all times and cannot be placed on the hooks or Lifting equipment, and always placed in the upright 

part of the sling, to prevent damage to the label by moving away from loads, hooks and locking angles.

      The slings are subject to a simple inspection after each use, initially confirming the use of the slings, and conducting 

more careful inspections at regular intervals to understand the internal conditions of the slings.

Any questions for how to connect the sling with shackles, hooks, connecting links, please just contact our company.


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