The Important Role Of Lifting Machinery In The Construction Of Socialist Economy

The important role of lifting machinery in the construction of socialist economy


  Hoisting machinery is a machine for lifting, loading, unloading and transporting materials. It is an important equipment for 

mechanizing the production process, reducing manual labor and improving labor productivity. It is widely used in various 

fields and departments such as factories, mines, ports, stations, construction sites, warehouses, and hydropower stations.

  Where can I use lifting equipment? For example, in a modern port, the annual material throughput is more than tens of 

millions of tons. The handling of these materials depends on all kinds of lifting and transporting machinery. In the 

mechanical processing plants, a large number of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products must rely on 

Heavy transport machinery for handling and loading and unloading on machine tools; elevators used in high-rise buildings; 

huge cranes in hydropower stations to open gates; medium-sized steel mills with an annual output of millions of tons in 

metallurgical plants, only goods The circulation is over 10 million tons, many of which are quickly transported in high 

temperature environments, including cranes.

  Common lifting appliances include jacks, manual winches, electric hoists, lifting chains, pulley blocks various types of 

cranes, lifts, etc.  

Riggings componects including shackles, hooks, connecting links, master links.

Safety is the most important factor in lifting and rigging industry. CE certification of our products is a provement of our quality.


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