The Important Role Of The Hook In The Lifting Industry

The important role of the hook in the lifting industry


 Hooks are the most widely used pick-up devices on cranes. It bears all the loads of lifting, and during the use, the hook can 

easily cause a major accident if it is damaged. The cause of damage to the hook is that the hook is cracked, deformed, 

damaged and broken due to friction and overload. The technicians of Weifang Junteng Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd. made the 

following analysis on the hook:

     First, the type of hook:

     1. According to different manufacturing methods, the hooks can be divided into forged hooks(including clevis hooks, eye 

hooks, slip hooks and so on.) and plate hooks, and the plate hooks are generally used on cranes with larger lifting weights.

     2. According to the shape, the hook can also be divided into a single hook and a double hook. The main hook of the large 

and medium-sized crane is generally a double hook, and the other uses a single hook.

     Second, the safety technical requirements of the hook:

     1. The hook should be manufactured by the official professional manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of 

the hook technology and safety regulations. The product should have the quality certificate of the manufacturer.

     2. Always check the hook for cracks or severe deformation, corrosion and wear during use.

     3. The hook should be tested once a year.

     4. The defects on the hooks shall not be repaired.

     5. The hook should be provided with a locking device to prevent accidental unhooking of the hanging object.


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