The iPhone 11 is so popular, Apple will ramp up the development of the 5G version next year

In the blink of an eye, it will be the second half of October 2019. I believe that the fruit fans who have been paying attention to Mingmei Infinite should know that Mingmei Infinite has been committed to sharing the latest happenings of Apple, iPhone and iOS with the majority of fruit fans. I hope Mingmei Infinite The persistent efforts can bring you more intuitive dry goods information.

Speaking of the theme, recalling that the iPhone 11 series models have been on the market for nearly a month, from the perspective of market performance, this year’s new iPhone sales are much better than last year’s iPhone XS series.

The iPhone 11 is so popular, Apple will ramp up the development of the 5G version next year

No matter how much the outside world complains about the iPhone 11, it still proves with practical actions after its launch that as long as the price is relatively cheap, Apple is still the same Apple. Although the iPhone 11 does not have 5G, it still has ugly bangs, but this does not affect its popularity. Judging from the current situation, the iPhone 11 is a hot seller all over the world. In the Chinese market, the iPhone 11 is even more popular. Not only fruit fans buy it, but some people who have never used an iPhone will also buy the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 is so popular, Apple will ramp up the development of the 5G version next year

A recent report by UBS pointed out that the iPhone 11 series, especially the iPhone 11 model, has been selling well in the Chinese market, increasing the demand for Apple mobile phones in the Chinese market in September, which increased by 230% compared to the same period last year. Unlike the Chinese market, the iPhone 11 Pro is extremely popular in the U.S. market, with both models exceeding Apple’s expectations. UBS believes that Apple will sell the iPhone 11 Pro this fiscal year (October 2019 to September 2020). 185 million iPhones were released.

In fact, the strong pricing of the iPhone 11 National Bank this year is also intentional by Apple. Cook previously said in an interview that Apple does not want the iPhone to be a phone for the rich. Apple already has a Trade In redemption program in China. Users can sell their old phones to Apple at a discount, and then the discounted part can be used as a subsidy to buy a new iPhone. In addition to the redemption plan, Cook added that Apple has also launched a 24-period interest-free purchase service, and the average monthly payment over the past two years can greatly reduce the pressure on users.

Apple announces quarterly earnings on October 30, when we’ll get our first official look at new iPhone sales, as the reported quarter includes two weeks of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro sales, though Apple’s harvest season is always the holiday season — – October, November and December.

Judging from the information disclosed in the previous industry chain, starting next year, Apple will start selling the 5G version of the iPhone, and then it can better compete with competitors for the market.

In addition, although the big screen has become a market trend, but Apple prefers to “make something special”. According to the forecast of Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company will launch the iPhone SE2 small-screen mobile phone with a screen size of about 4.7 inches in the first quarter of 2020, which will adopt a similar shape and hardware structure design as the iPhone 8. The difference is that it will be powered by Apple’s latest A13 bionic chip, and the price is expected to start at $399 (about 2830 yuan).

In fact, the iPhone SE2 is likely not a small-screen phone in the true sense. Compared with its predecessor, the iPhone SE, which has a 4-inch screen, the screen size of the iPhone SE2 has been significantly improved. In terms of configuration, the machine is expected to use a 3GB LPDDR4X memory chip, with fingerprint touch ID and a single rear camera, and the pressure sensing module (3D Touch) may be removed. Of course, the iPhone SE2 will also not support 5G, and this approach may give it a lack of advantage in competing with domestic 5G Android phones.

In such a favorable environment, analysts are predicting that Apple will launch four iPhones next year. All four iPhones will integrate 5G technology as standard. In addition, all models will support a rear-mounted 3D sensing system, which may be somewhat similar to the Pixel 4’s gesture operation. If true, the iPhone 12 may no longer have a telephoto lens. In terms of screen, it is rumored that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with an OLED panel, and the bangs will be reduced, or a true full screen will be used. Regardless, all iPhones in 2020 are expected to adopt a design framework similar to the iPhone 4.

In terms of 5G baseband, Apple is most likely to plug in the Qualcomm X55 chip, support Sub-6GHz 5G dual-mode, and the US version may add support for mmWave millimeter waves. At the same time, since Apple has acquired Intel’s baseband business, self-developed 5G baseband is also on the agenda, but it will not be mass-produced until at least 2022.

To be sure, 5G will help to further increase iPhone sales, and analysts believe that its selling price will further increase, because the new design, 5G baseband, etc. will lead to an increase in the cost of the 2020 iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that we all know that high-end product companies will release some limited-edition products for people with identities, because what is scarce is the most precious, such as ApolloIE in the sports car field, 8848 Basel version in the mobile phone field, Huawei’s Porsche version. This time, Apple has also customized the “Jobs” version of the iPhone 11 Pro, which is limited to 9 units in the world for the iphone 11 Pro series, specially for high-end users.

Of course, the price of the rebuilt iPhone 11 Pro has also changed dramatically. The iPhone 11 Pro starts at $6,290 (about 45,000 yuan) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is $6,750 (about 48,000 yuan). . However, this limited edition iPhone 11 Pro/Max has only 9 units in the world, which can be said to be precious. However, such a high price cannot be supported by faith alone.

Finally, what Mingmei wants to say is that when Apple faced such a highly competitive mobile phone market last year, compared with this year, sincerity is undoubtedly the core weapon that really impresses consumers. In the Chinese market, price sensitivity has always been a lingering factor for fruit fans. I hope Apple can continue to maintain its awareness and suppress the price of new products so that many of our fruit fans can afford it.

In this regard, if you have anything else to say about Apple’s new iPhone 11, please leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!

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