The lubricating oil cannot be pumped to the moving parts in time through the oil pump

Recently, the Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the quality monitoring of automotive lubricants sold in the circulation sector in Guangzhou in the second half of 2013. Among the 46 random samples produced by 31 manufacturers, after inspection, no unqualified items were found in 34 samples, and 12 products such as Ouyi, Zhongguan, Newell, Apineapple Gods, Annetz, etc. It is judged as unqualified, and the unqualified rate is 26.1%.

It is understood that this random inspection carried out inspections on 12 items including kinematic viscosity, low-temperature dynamic viscosity, and high-temperature high-shear viscosity of automotive lubricants in accordance with the national mandatory standards, the product standards explicitly adopted on the product or its packaging. The test results found that the low-temperature dynamic viscosity, flash point (opening), kinematic viscosity, high-temperature high-shear viscosity, pour point, foaming, evaporation loss and other indicators were unqualified. Among them, products with unqualified low-temperature dynamic viscosity index accounted for unqualified products. Half of the product list.

It is understood that when the low-temperature dynamic viscosity is unqualified, the lubricating oil cannot be pumped to the moving parts through the oil in time, which will cause greater start-up wear. The use of lubricating oil with unqualified low-temperature dynamic viscosity can easily cause difficulty in starting the engine when the weather is cold, and it is also easy to cause wear of the piston ring and cylinder liner.

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