​The magical effect and function of silicone sealing ring

What is the magical effect of silicone sealing ring? Silicone seals are often used in daily necessities, such as rice cookers, water cups, fresh-keeping boxes, heat preservation boxes, coffee pots, etc. If the silicone seals are missing, the sealing properties of these products will not exist.

So what are the functions of silicone seals?

  • 1. The silicone sealing ring has good sealing performance and can achieve excellent sealing, so that water cannot penetrate into the sealed space;
  • 2. The silicone sealing ring has excellent tensile strength, even if it is a great tensile force, it can not be disconnected or deformed;
  • 3. The silicone sealing ring has a good preservation effect, which can keep food or other items that need to be kept fresh, and the weather is non-toxic and harmless, and it is a green, environmentally friendly and healthy product;
  • Fourth, the silicone sealing ring has good adaptability, even if it is heated at high temperature, it will not deform or change its state, and it will not produce toxic and harmful substances;
  • 5. Silicone sealing ring has excellent insulation, even under high temperature conditions, it will not be affected;
  • 6. The silicone seal ring has a variety of resistances, including corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and excellent aging resistance;
  • Seven, the silicone sealing ring has a long service life, and will not yellow or fade due to long use;
  • 8. Silicone sealing ring has better elasticity than other ordinary rubber, even if it is minus 60°, it can still maintain good elasticity;
  • 9. the silicone seal ring cannot be used in the shrinking solvents and oils, of course, it cannot be used in the thick shrinking acid and sodium hydroxide.

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