The Main Method Of Testing American 320A Eye Hook

The main method of testing American 320A eye hook


The main method of testing the American 320A eye hook: generally using visual inspection, that is, carefully observed with a

 magnifying glass. If necessary, you can use the coloring method or perform flaw detection. The amount of wear on the 

dangerous section can be measured with a caliper or with a caliper; the degree of opening is checked by comparing the 

measured dimension of the caliper with the original size or the opening of the standard hook. Here is a simple and 

applicable method: when the new crane hook is activated, a small hole is punched in each side of the hook opening, and the

 distance between the two holes is measured and recorded. It is used to compare the size of the hook after deformation 

with the future hook to determine the change in the degree of opening. Torsional deformation can be visually measured, 

and can also be measured by the side of the steel ruler. When it is required to be accurate, it can be detected by a ruler on 

the platform.


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