The main points of the design of the metal mold cavity

The main point of the design of the metal mold cavity is to avoid the blanking waste from accumulating in the cavity of the cavity. The problem with the main point lies in the large blanking force required and the conflicting punching force.

Pay attention to the strength of the die. Generally, the die insert is enlarged by more than 5mm on one side of the stamping shape;

Also pay attention to the fool-proof of special-shaped parts. A large or small R angle is designed on the 4 R angles of the insert to prevent the wrong direction assembly.

In the steel plate specification, whether it is a fixed-length plate or a coiled plate, the same material and material thickness have different roll widths and different selling prices.

Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of metal stamping processing, it is necessary to start from the perspective of formulating the width of the purchase volume, and under the premise of ensuring the utilization of materials, without increasing the price, try to choose the volume width range. If the size of the fixed-size plate is appropriately selected, after the punching is completed, it is not necessary to perform secondary shearing to reduce the cutting cost.

For coils, please try to select the coil forming specifications and unwinding forming process, and reduce the number of times, reduce the workload, and improve work efficiency.

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