The main process of mould parts production

1. Draw drawings to determine output

Whether metal or plastic mold parts are produced, the drawings and production output need to be determined before production. This step is to determine which products will be used for the parts produced in the future, or which manufacturers will be supplied for assembly. Entering the equipment, it will be directly mass-produced. Modifications in the middle will not only waste parts but also cause delays in the construction period;

2. Select equipment to determine process

The second step is to determine the equipment and technology required for the parts. The production of mold parts should be based on the size, shape, material and other aspects to choose different equipment and processes. The more well-known domestic mold parts factories will have at least three or more. The production equipment and process flow, so as long as the accessories are not too high-precision, they can be handed over to domestic manufacturers for processing;

3. Write a program input device

After the drawings, output, equipment, and technology are determined, it is necessary to write processing procedures for specific equipment. The factory has engineers specialized in writing procedures to operate the equipment. After the compilation is completed, the team will review and modify the procedures. To ensure that the written program is correct, the production of plastic mold parts can be carried out smoothly; in addition, after the processing program is written, the machine will be trial-produced, and the required materials will be imported into the equipment and let the machine proceed under the pre-set conditions. After a series of processing, the model will be modified and reprocessed after the test is successful to improve the process. After this series of work is completed, the mold parts will be mass-produced to ensure that the mold production is foolproof.

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