The Material Selection Principle of CNC Machining Parts

There are three requirements of the principle for materials selection of machining parts:
1, using requirements (first consideration):
1) the working conditions (vibration, shock, high temperature, low temperature, high speed, high load should be treated with caution);
2) restrictions on the size and quality of parts;
3) the importance of parts. (The relative importance for the machine reliability)
2, process requirements
1) workblank manufacturing (casting, forging, cutting board, cutting bar);
2) Machining;
3) heat treatment;
4) surface treatment;
3, the economic requirements:
material price (the rough cost and processing cost comparison of the general bar and cold-drawn profiles, precision casting, precision forging);
2) processing amount and processing costs;
3) the utilization of materials (such as sheet metal, bar, profile specifications, used rationally)
4) alternative (use cheap materials to replace the material with expensive price and rare materials);
In addition, the availability of local materials also need to be considered. 
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