The Metal That Never Dies —— Aluminum

Aluminium is associated with high energy consumption —— it takes about 12,000 kilowatt-hours to produce a tonne of primary aluminium on average. But people do not know, because aluminum has light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing, recycling and many other excellent properties, in the use process and the whole life cycle, is actually energy conservation and emission reduction green metal. Aluminum —— also known as the “metal that never dies.

“Since aluminum has a strong corrosion resistance and does not rust, it can be theoretically recycled for recycling, and there is no difference between the quality and performance of recycled aluminum and primary aluminum. Moreover, the energy consumption of aluminum recycling is only 5% of the energy consumption of the primary processing.

Aluminum, which costs one-third as much as copper and one-third as much as steel, is an important raw material for consumer goods, raw materials and equipment manufacturing.

“Aluminum instead of steel” to boost traffic light

In the field of transportation, “aluminum instead of steel” has been the trend of economic development. Whether rail vehicles or cars, the promotion of aluminum body can achieve vehicle lightweight, will be conducive to the transport industry to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and economic benefits of a win-win situation.

“Replacing wood with aluminum” helps industrialize buildings

As an important pillar industry of China’s national economy, the construction industry has a large volume. However, the large use of various resources by the construction industry leads to increasingly serious environmental pollution. Therefore, “replacing wood with aluminum”, encouraging the production and use of light aluminum alloy template has become an inevitable way of energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry.

According to statistics, every square metre of aluminium alloy application templates can reduce 0.5 mu of deforestation, at the same time reduce about 30% of the construction waste, secondly, aluminum template can be used to turnover of more than 300 times, and high recovery value, aluminum alloy template to replace the current extensive use of traditional wooden template, is advantageous to the forest resources and ecological environment protection and reduce construction waste.

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