The monthly prosperity index of China’s non-ferrous metal industry in July 2021 is 7, 44.9 points lower than the previous month


(XNUMX) Development opportunities

The large-scale development of the western region in the new era brings major opportunities for new building materials.The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council’s “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the West in the New Era and Forming a New Pattern” document stated that by 2035, the western region will basically achieve socialist modernization, basic public services, infrastructure accessibility, and people’s living standards will generally be compared to the eastern region. quite. During the “XNUMXth Five-Year Plan” period, the planning and construction of major projects such as the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, the Yangtze River High-speed Railway, the Chongqing-Kunming High-speed Railway, and the Xi (Ning)-Chengdu (Du) Railway will be accelerated, which will bring huge demand for new building materials in our province.

“Two new and one heavy” strongly stimulated the province’s demand for building materials.The Guizhou Provincial People’s Government implements the central government’s “two new and one heavy” major deployments, and promotes the construction of new infrastructure, new urbanization, and major projects such as transportation and water conservancy. By 2022, 11 urban affordable housing projects will be completed and vigorously promote the city. Renewal and renovation, the implementation of the renovation of 18 households in old communities, and the renovation of 4.9 households in shanty towns (villages in cities).A series of major infrastructure and people’s livelihood investment and construction projects will strongly stimulate consumer demand for building materials and bring optimistic market prospects and expectations for the new building materials industry in our province.

Deeply promoting the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt brings new opportunities.Promoting the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee. The construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt will achieve scientific, orderly development and development on the premise of insisting on ecological protection.In order to effectively build the ecological protection barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Guizhou will further deepen the construction of the national ecological civilization experimental zone, do a good job in the “4+1” environmental pollution control project, the ecological environment protection of the Chishui River Basin and other key tasks, and vigorously promote the ecologicalization of the industry and the ecology Industrialization and speeding up the construction of green towns and beautiful villages will bring new opportunities to the development of the new building materials industry in our province.

The iterative upgrade of eastern industries has brought opportunities for Guizhou to undertake the transfer of the building materials industry.With the acceleration of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, the eastern industry is iteratively upgraded, the trend of industrial transfer is surging, and the national “One Belt and One Road”, the new land-sea corridor in the west, the Chengdu-Chongqing region dual-city economic circle, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and other regional development strategies have deepened Implementation, the “Eastern + Guizhou” cooperation model has been continuously deepened, and the regional cooperation space has been further expanded. This has brought major opportunities and new opportunities for the new building materials industry in our province to undertake the transfer of eastern industries, industrial chains, make up for industrial shortcomings, and establish a modern new building materials industry system. Expansion capacity.

The construction of ecological Guizhou has become a huge endogenous driving force for the green development of new building materials.As a national experimental zone for the construction of ecological civilization, during the “XNUMXth Five-Year Plan” period, the construction of ecological Guizhou will enter a deeper and broader field.The new building materials industry not only plays the role of “the cornerstone of a major country”, but is also an important link indispensable for the construction of ecological civilization and environmental governance.Promote building energy conservation, vigorously develop prefabricated buildings and green buildings, and require the new building materials industry to strengthen the development and promotion of green, intelligent, and new building materials products; improve the comprehensive utilization level of bulk solid waste such as phosphogypsum, and require the building materials industry to strengthen integration Make use of new technology and new product research and development, especially new product application and market promotion, to effectively improve the application performance and economic efficiency of comprehensive utilization of building materials products; accelerate the ecological management of rocky desertification, and require the building materials industry to develop ecological management and environment that adapt to the natural conditions of Guizhou Engineering materials; further strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction and atmospheric environmental protection, require the building materials industry to further control and reduce the total amount of energy consumption, pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions, and realize the “carbon peak” of the building materials industry in our province as soon as possible, and then to the “carbon in carbon”. Towards the goal of “Harmony”.The construction of ecological civilization has become a huge endogenous driving force for the development of Guizhou’s new building materials industry in the future.

“Industrial breakthroughs” and big data strategies have created a good development environment and market prospects for the new building materials industry. During the “XNUMXth Five-Year Plan” period, Guizhou Province will vigorously promote new industrialization, build and develop an industrial industrial system, implement industrial doubling actions, achieve industrial breakthroughs, expand and strengthen the industrial industry; promote agricultural modernization, tourism industrialization, and expand domestic demand strategic base points , Build a national inland open economic pilot zone; increase modern infrastructure construction, strengthen development support capabilities, in-depth implementation of the “six-network battle” in infrastructure construction, accelerate the construction of modern energy infrastructure, promote the construction of finished housing, and accelerate the development of new The construction of infrastructure, the promotion of the deep integration of big data and the real economy and other decision-making deployments have created a good development environment and market prospects for the new building materials industry.

(XNUMX) Challenges

Unbalanced and inadequate development poses a challenge to structural reforms on the supply side of the industry.On the one hand, traditional building materials in our province still dominate the industry, and the contradiction of overcapacity remains. The emerging industries that represent the future direction of the industry, such as new decoration materials, inorganic non-metallic new materials, new green building materials, and building materials services, are still in their forming period. Due to the lack of systematic organizational support and the slow growth of the industry, it is difficult to become the main driving force for the development of the building materials industry in the short term.On the other hand, product supply is insufficient, the industry is at the middle and low end of the industrial chain and value chain, and it lacks economically vigorous new technologies, new formats, and new models, and it is difficult to adapt to the increasingly diversified market demand under the new pattern of “dual cycle” development. There is still a big gap between the people’s yearning for a better life and the demand for green ecological products. The future supply-side structural reform of the building materials industry will be an arduous task.

Resource elements restrict the development of the industry.The continuous increase in the cost of resources, energy, land, manpower and other factors puts huge pressure on industrial development; insufficient investment in scientific and technological innovation, weak independent innovation capabilities, insufficient integration of production, education and research, and scientific research activities have little effect on the actual production process; the introduction of talents The actual needs of the industry are out of touch, the industry talents, backbones and craftsmen who meet the needs of the modern new building materials industry are in short supply, and the ability to support the transformation and upgrading of the industry is not strong.

The carbon peak and carbon neutral goal vision puts forward urgent requirements for the green development of the industry.The Chinese government solemnly announces to the international community that it will strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This is important for my country to further accelerate the formation of green development methods and lifestyles, and vigorously build an ecological civilization and a beautiful China. Signs and new initiatives.The building materials industry, as one of the largest carbon emission industries in our province, has made every effort to promote carbon emission reduction, vigorously develop new green and low-carbon business formats, new technologies, new equipment, and new products, reduce excess and inefficient production capacity and control total carbon emissions , To achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality simultaneously with the whole country will become an urgent and arduous task for the building materials industry in Guizhou.

XNUMX. General requirements

(XNUMX) Guiding ideology

Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implement the spirit of the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the XNUMXnd, XNUMXrd, XNUMXth, and XNUMXth Plenary Sessions of the XNUMXth Central Committee, and the XNUMXth Plenary Session of the XNUMXth Guizhou Provincial Party Committee. The secretary’s important instructions for the Guizhou work series, in accordance with the province’s “one, two, three, four” work ideas, take development as the overall package, take new industrialization as the guide, and take the “dual-carbon” goal as the guide to accelerate the supply-side structure of the province’s new building materials industry Promote the restructuring of the existing industrial foundation; take technological innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation as the driving force, focus on “replenishing, extending, and strengthening the chain”, promote the cross-border integrated development of the new building materials industry, and vigorously develop the emerging industry of building materials And the productive service industry, realize the transformation of the industry to a manufacturing industry that is oriented, green, intensive, intelligent, service-oriented, and international, and strive to create a new type of building materials industry system with optimized structure, technology, cleanliness, and high efficiency.

(XNUMX) Development principles

Innovation driven, transformation and development.Establish and improve an independent innovation system that is enterprise-oriented, market-oriented, and a combination of government, industry, university, research and application, and rely on management innovation and business model innovation to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, quality and efficiency improvement of enterprises, and foster the development of new technologies, new industries, and new industries. Business types, optimize the industrial technology structure, product structure, and organizational structure, increase effective supply, vigorously introduce and cultivate emerging building materials industries, focus on making up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and promote the development of the new building materials industry toward lighter, productized, and terminal. The province’s new building materials industry is leaping from the middle to the low end.

Keep the bottom line firmly and develop green.Adhere to ecological priority and green development, keep the two bottom lines of development and ecology, strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources, vigorously develop circular economy, promote clean production, and encourage building materials companies to develop and apply new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies, new processes, and new equipment.Establish a new type of green building materials industry system based on the production, use, maintenance, recycling and reuse of the product’s full life cycle.

Demonstration drives, cluster development.Persist in “grasping demonstration and setting benchmarks”, relying on key building materials enterprises, actively supporting the construction of new building materials strong counties, strong districts, demonstration bases and demonstration enterprises, and promoting enterprises to become resource-rich areas and areas where industrial solid waste is concentrated, and industrial parks. Aggregate development, promote the coordinated supporting of the industrial chain, encourage supporting enterprises and major projects to gather in the park, and promote the development of industrial clusters.

Overall planning and integrated development.Coordinate and promote the integrated development and regional coordinated development of the new building materials industry and strategic emerging industries, construction, metallurgy, energy, chemical, environmental protection and ecology, culture and art, and cross-border interaction and cohesive development of upstream and downstream industries to enhance the overall and integrated development of the industry Coordination.

The market is open for development.Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises, and stimulate the vitality and creativity of enterprises; give full play to the guiding role of the government, transform government functions, respect market laws, and create a good business environment.Expand opening up, actively integrate into the new domestic and international “dual cycle” development pattern, deepen the “Guizhou +” cooperation model, and improve the level of industrial opening up and cooperation.

(XNUMX) Development goals

During the “2025th Five-Year Plan” period, the province’s new building materials industry will follow the policy of “generating from nothing, generating new from nothing” to promote traditional industrialization, scale-up of emerging industries, and modernization of service-oriented manufacturing industries. In 2350, the output value of the province’s new building materials industry will reach 8 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 650%, and the industrial added value will reach XNUMX billion yuan.Strive to form a new building material industry manufacturing system with reasonable structure, optimized production capacity, technology, clean and environmental protection, and environmental protection by the end of the planning period.

Great breakthroughs have been made in industrial restructuring and transformation, upgrading and development. The proportion of emerging industries and products such as inorganic non-metallic new materials, fabricated construction parts, and special glass has increased. The service-oriented manufacturing industry has begun to take shape, and the new building materials industry has cross-border interaction and integration. The supporting role of development is strengthened, and a number of enterprise groups with strong competitiveness, “specialized, special and new” technological innovation enterprises, and characteristic industrial clusters and parks have been formed.

The level of green development has been further improved. Material consumption, energy consumption, water consumption, total pollutant emissions, and the production and application ratio of green building materials have reached the domestic level. A number of green mines, green factories and green parks have been built, and the cement industry has reached its peak in the country. .

The investment in technological innovation and the transformation of technological achievements have been strengthened, and a number of technological research and development centers, technological innovation platforms, and technological enterprises with strong R&D and transformation capabilities above the provincial level have been established.

Intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation are effective. The level of intelligent transformation, network sharing, and digital application has been greatly improved. No less than 30 intelligent digital factories have been built. At the end of the planning period, the digital transformation of intelligent building materials manufacturing in our province will enter the leading provinces in the domestic building materials industry.

XNUMX. Development priorities and main tasks

(XNUMX) Optimize the industrial space layout

1. Optimize industrial layout

Taking the national implementation of the “One Belt and One Road”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle and other regional development strategies and the promotion of the development of the western region in the new era as an opportunity, we will base ourselves on our own resource endowment, industrial foundation and comparison Advantages, in accordance with the main functional positioning of the region, comprehensively considering factors such as energy resources, environmental capacity, market space, etc., optimize the layout of productivity, and further promote the industrial layout of the province’s new building materials with one core, one corridor and two belts, and promote the upgrading of industries and the development of industrial clusters in various regions .

The core area of ​​Guiyang’s new building materials industry.With the Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle via Zunyi, Guiyang, and Qiannan’s high-speed rail and high-speed transportation as the link, it runs through the entire core area of ​​the new building materials industry, including Guiyang Xifeng County, Kaiyang County, Xiuwen County, Guanshan Lake District, Baiyun District, Qingzhen City, Gui’an New District.

Parts bases in Qiannan and northern Guizhou.Qiannan Prefecture’s Weng’an County, Fuquan County, Guiding County, Longli County, and Zunyi County of Zunyi City focus on the development of prefabricated parts and components, finished parts, urban pipe corridors, concrete, insulation and sealing materials, building ceramics, profiles, doors and windows, Building materials, trade, logistics and other industries, and cultivate a number of new building materials industry bases.

Qianzhong’s XNUMX billion-level new building materials industry corridor.Starting from Zunyi Chishui Bamboo Industry Circular Economy Industrial Park in the north, passing through Guiyang New Building Materials Industrial Park (Kaiyang), to the Anshun Stone Group in the south, cultivating stone, sand and gravel aggregates, hardware sanitary ware, bamboo and wood products, refractory materials, concrete, and prefabricated components. A batch of characteristic building materials gathering areas have formed Anshun-Guiyang-Zunyi XNUMX billion-level new building materials industry corridor.

Qiandong New Type Decorative Building Materials Industry Belt.Relying on the ecological environment and location advantages of Tongren, Southern Guizhou and Southeast Guizhou, a new type of decorative building materials industrial belt in Eastern Guizhou will be built.Starting from Dejiang County, Tongren City in the north, going southeast via Yinjiang, Shiqian, Sinan, Bijiang, Wanshan, into Yuping County, passing Cengong, Zhenyuan, Jianhe, Kaili, Majiang, into Duyun City, Qiannan Prefecture Go west to Huishui and Changshun.Relying on the existing foundation, focus on cultivating their respective advantageous industries, forming a new type of decorative building materials industrial belt featuring glass processing, energy-saving doors and windows, decorative stones, architectural ceramics, wood furniture, sand and gravel aggregates, and railway logistics.

Qianxi new waste building materials and new materials industrial belt.Relying on the rich resources of Bijie, Liupanshui, and Southwest Guizhou in energy and mineral resources, with the “Bishuixing” transportation as the link, a new type of waste building materials and new materials industrial belt in Qianxi will be built.From the Bijie Economic Development Zone in the north, to Liupanshui City via Dafang and Nayong to the south, and to Xingyi City via Liuzhi, Panzhou, Pu’an and Xingren.Strengthen the linkage and coupling of building materials and related industries such as coal, electricity, mining, etc., focus on the development of wall materials and construction parts that comprehensively utilize bulk solid waste, and rely on superior non-metallic mineral resources to develop glass and products, building ceramics, and new inorganic insulation Materials, new basalt materials, functional ceramics, new refractory materials and other inorganic non-metallic new materials.

2. Promote the development of industrial agglomeration

Taking the development conference of the province’s development zones as an opportunity, promote the development of building materials industry projects to the development zones.In accordance with the development requirements of “One Park, One Domination” and “One Park, One Feature”, the key enterprises in the industry are actively encouraged to play an exemplary role, strengthen the construction of the industrial chain and supply chain, and establish the Cooperative relationship between upstream and downstream enterprises, cultivate and build a batch of high-level new building materials industry clusters and characteristic new building materials industry parks (gathering areas).Accelerate the construction of industrial parks in Shuicheng County, Faer Industrial Park, Qixingguan Economic Development Zone, Guizhou Puding Economic Development Zone, and Changshun Weiyuan, where new building materials are the leading industry.

Column 1 Layout of Advantageous and Featured Industries

Cement (prefabricated building): focus on Guizhou Qingzhen Economic Development Zone, Huaxi Industrial Park, Liupanshui Dahe Economic Development Zone, Bijie High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changshun Weiyuan Industrial Park, and vigorously introduce and develop prefabricated building wall parts part.

Sand and gravel aggregates: lay out a batch of 500-1000 million tons of super-large machine-made sand and gravel production bases in key areas in Zunyi, Bijie, Qiannan, Qiandongnan, and Tongren.

Glass and products: relying on Qiandongnan Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (including Lubi), Guizhou Qixingguan Economic Development Zone, Zhenfeng County Industrial Park, and Duyun Luyinhu Industrial Park, and strongly promote Hebei Daguangming Industrial Jiajing Company 2× 700 tons/day, Hebei Haisheng Company’s 2×600 tons/day glass production transfer project implementation.

Stone: Focus on the construction of stone production and processing bases in Anshun, Tongren, Qianxinan, Qiannan and other places, and accelerate the promotion of the Southwest Stone Trading Center, Zhenning County Artificial Stone (Quartz Stone, Granite) Industrial Park, Stone Handicraft Finishing Park, Zhenning County China (Anshun) Stone City Stone Solid Waste Resource Comprehensive Utilization Industrial Base, Guizhou Yuqing Economic Development Zone, Ziyun Autonomous County Industrial Park, Shiqian County Industrial Park, Guizhou Sinan Economic Development Zone, Anlong County Industrial Park, Zhenfeng County Industry Construction of parks and other parks.

New type of decoration materials: Actively undertaking the industrial transfer of eastern ceramic production areas such as Shandong and Fujian, and deploying ceramic sanitary ware and plumbing in the surrounding industrial parks of central cities such as Guiyang, Zunyi, Anshun, Kaili, Bijie, Xingyi, Duyun, Tongren, Liupanshui, etc. Hardware pipe fittings, kitchen and bathroom ceilings, door and window hardware, waterproof sealing materials and other new decorative materials processing and manufacturing base; vigorously support Zunyi City to build “Guizhou Fenggang? Midwestern China plumbing and bathroom hardware production base and distribution center.”Encourage Liupanshui City to build a new basalt material manufacturing demonstration base; actively promote the construction of bamboo and wood product processing bases in Chishui Economic Development Zone, Jinping Economic Development Zone, Rongjiang Industrial Park, and Luoguan Economic Development Zone.

Non-metallic minerals and inorganic non-metallic materials: Actively promote the construction of Bijie Dafang Refractory Aggregate Base, Fuquan City’s 100 million tons of phosphogypsum and 10 tons of waste salt porcelain comprehensive utilization production line.

(XNUMX) Promote the rebuilding of the existing industrial base

Promote Guizhou Province’s seven categories of existing building materials industries: cement, concrete and products, sand and gravel aggregates, glass and products, stone, building ceramics, and wall materials, to optimize the inventory, adjust the structure, extend the chain and strengthen the chain, use waste and environmental protection, and improve Reengineering the industrial foundation with the theme of improving quality and efficiency, including adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, eliminating low-end and low-efficiency production capacity, extending the industrial chain, cultivating and expanding enterprises, etc., in order to improve product quality and industry development quality and efficiency, and provide a new type of building materials modern industry in our province. Lay a solid foundation for system construction and development.

1. Cement industry

Promote the transformation of the cement industry from rapid development to development, and achieve sustainable, healthy and green development.By 2025, the total production capacity of cement will be controlled within 1.3 million tons.

Speed ​​up the structural adjustment of the cement industry, resolve overcapacity, promote the integration of small and weak cement enterprises in the province, strictly implement the policy of “reduction and replacement” of production capacity, resolutely curb new production capacity in violation of regulations, and in-depth implementation of energy consumption and emission standards and compliance work. The decisive role of market allocation of resources, the use of market force mechanism to guide the orderly exit of backward and inefficient production capacity.Actively promote cleaner production, energy saving and emission reduction, encourage existing enterprises to use “second-generation new dry-process cement technology and equipment” and other technologies to carry out technological upgrading and transformation, and upgrade cement kilns to co-process sludge, household waste, industrial hazardous waste, and incineration fly ash Technology and equipment level and disposal scale; promote the intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation of the cement industry, focusing on the formation of intelligent logistics, automatic batching and feeding, automatic kiln mill automatic control, automatic equipment inspection, automatic packaging and loading, remote production monitoring, energy consumption management, Integrated system solutions such as solid waste co-processing.Increase the research and development of key equipment, equipment and special containers around the cement clinker outbound transportation to solve the outbound transportation problems.Explore the establishment of a “carbon-based production” production system in the cement industry based on the intensity and total amount of carbon emissions, and use carbon emissions to promote supply reforms.Support enterprises to face market demand, adjust product structure, extend and expand the industrial chain, and build a full industrial chain such as “green mines + aggregates + cement manufacturing + co-processing + ready-mixed concrete + prefabricated building parts + overall services” to foster development Green building materials and construction parts manufacturing integration base and industrial park.

2. Concrete and products industry

Promote the structural adjustment of the concrete and product industry and the restructuring of the industrial foundation, improve operational efficiency, product quality and green development level, and achieve sustained, healthy and standardized development of the industry.By 2025, concrete will account for 60% of concrete.

In accordance with the “Guizhou Province Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry Standard Conditions”, guide enterprises to standardize development.Give full play to the demonstration role of enterprises and promote energy efficiency benchmarking of enterprises.Promote the development, production and application of concrete and products such as UHPC, prefabricated parts and components of urban integrated pipe corridors, and prefabricated concrete building parts and components, and encourage enterprises to comprehensively utilize construction waste, tailings, waste rock, etc. to produce recycled aggregates and recycled concrete .Support the continuous and iterative improvement of the “concrete intelligent manufacturing” technical solution and the replication and promotion of experience models. In accordance with the smart factory construction rules and standards, cultivate a batch of integrated systems for the entire concrete industry chain such as manufacturing execution management, intelligent logistics distribution, and online quality monitoring. Smart factory.

3. Sand and gravel aggregate industry

In accordance with the principle of “planning overall, rational layout, adapting measures to local conditions, and industry clustering”, focusing on quality and efficiency, optimize the allocation of sand and gravel mine resources, strengthen overall layout, and enhance the ability of mechanism sand and gravel supply guarantee; vigorously implement green upgrades and intelligent transformations, Use applicable technology to change the face of the industry, focus on promoting the joint reorganization of sand and gravel mines and machine-made sand and gravel production enterprises, promote the modernization, intensification, standardization and ecologicalization of the sand and gravel industry, and continuously improve the green development and essential level to achieve development.By 2025, strive to build 5-10 super-large machine-made sand and gravel production bases, with sand and gravel output and aggregate production and sales of 10 billion tons.

Support the merger and reorganization and resource integration of existing mechanism sand and gravel enterprises, and greatly reduce the total number of sand and gravel mines.Overall consideration of resource endowment conditions, environmental carrying capacity, economic transportation radius, regional sand and gravel market supply and demand balance, as well as comprehensive utilization of local tailings, construction and construction engineering waste earth and stone and other factors, focusing on the development of 500 million tons of green mines and intelligent, green Sand and gravel aggregate production line.

4. Glass and products industry

Relying on the resource endowment of glass raw materials in our province, actively develop glass and deep processing industries. By 2025, Kaili Glass Industrial Park and Bijie Northwest Guizhou New Materials Industrial Park will be initially established, and a group of glass and deep processing enterprises will be gathered.

Encourage existing enterprises to upgrade and transform in accordance with the “second-generation float glass” process technical standards and technical and economic indicators, support the construction of ultra-thin substrate glass projects with a melting furnace capacity of less than 150 tons/day, and vigorously introduce low-radiation coated glass (Low -E) Architectural energy-saving glass projects such as ultra-white glass, high-transmittance coated insulating glass, etc., to increase the proportion of original glass for intensive processing.Actively develop the introduction of high value-added glass deep processing projects such as photovoltaic glass and automobile windshield glass, extend the industrial chain, increase the added value of products, and promote the integration of production, processing, packaging, application, and maintenance.Accelerate the industrialization of glass, consolidate the basic elements of the industry, occupy the market, and promote the rapid development of glass.

5. Stone industry

Relying on our province’s stone resource endowment and industrial foundation, cultivate and expand the stone industry, continue to enhance the competitiveness of the stone industry, and expand the domestic and foreign influence and influence of the “Guizhou Stone” brand.By 2025, the province will strive to produce 180 million cubic meters of veneer stone and 6000 million square meters of processed slabs.

Promote the optimization of the structure of the stone industry, improve quality and efficiency, accelerate the elimination of outdated mining, processing technology and equipment, and support existing stone mining and processing enterprises to carry out energy-saving and clean production transformation, as well as intelligent and digital upgrades.Promote the construction of green stone mines, and improve the resource mining and utilization efficiency, product quality and energy saving and environmental protection level of the stone industry in our province.Vigorously develop stone products with distinctive characteristics of Guizhou, focusing on the development of deep-processed products such as architectural decorative panels, composite panels, artificial stones, and thin and standardized stone products that meet the needs of the home improvement market, as well as special-shaped products, stone carving handicrafts, and mosaic products , Cultural artwork and other high value-added creative design new products.Innovate stone development formats and models, improve the management level and service capabilities of the stone production area, focus on creating a good business environment, and promote the concentrated development of the industry in the direction of ecology, standardization, and intelligence.

6. Building ceramic industry

Relying on the abundant resources of kaolin and bauxite in our province, encourage the development of high value-added ceramic tiles with medium and large size, thinner, non-slip, antibacterial, and antistatic properties.Vigorously introduce manufacturing enterprises such as structural and functional ceramic products and ceramic matrix composite materials.Encourage enterprises to use various waste resources to produce lightweight ceramic insulation bricks.By 2025, build ceramic production bases such as Dafang Economic Development Zone, Qingzhen Economic Development Zone, and Guiding Changming Industrial Park.Strive to achieve 2 million square meters of production and sales of building ceramic products in the province.

7. Wall material industry

Actively develop essential, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, lightweight and high-strength wall and roofing materials, and vigorously develop prefabricated buildings and finished residential (wall) parts and components. By 2025, the proportion of new wall materials in the province will reach 95%. The structure has been significantly optimized, and the overall competitiveness of the industry has been further enhanced.

Accelerate the structural adjustment and optimization of the wall materials industry, and in accordance with the current national industrial structure adjustment catalogue and the requirements of the Guizhou Province wall materials industry specifications, encourage wall materials companies to carry out technical equipment upgrades and energy-saving and environmental protection reforms, and improve industrial solidity such as phosphogypsum and smelting The comprehensive utilization rate of waste will improve the energy-saving emission reduction, comprehensive utilization and quality benefit level of the wall material industry.

Guide and support the production and application of new wall material products prepared from renewable resources, promote the chain extension and expansion of the wall material industry, and vigorously develop to meet the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, sponge cities, urban ecological function restoration, cultural tourism, beautiful villages, characteristic towns, etc. Wall and roofing materials needed for construction.Actively promote the agglomeration and development of the wall material industry, relying on local industrial parks and key related industries to cultivate a number of new wall material bases and parks.Vigorously promote integration and cross-border development, promote the deep integration of sintered brick and tile industries with Guizhou’s multi-ethnic culture and architectural art, and cultivate new wall materials that integrate cross-border and distinctive Guizhou characteristics with “wall materials + multi-ethnic culture + architectural art” Modern industrial system.

Box 2 Development focus of existing building materials industry

Cement: Focus on the development of high-grade cement, pure silicate clinker production and application, Belite-sulfoaluminate new low-calcium cement clinker system, phosphor-magnesium cementing materials and other low-carbon cement varieties, as well as suitable for water conservancy and hydropower Development and application of special cement products in construction fields such as engineering, ecological environment treatment engineering, airport road engineering and emergency repair and reinforcement.

Concrete and products: Key development performance concrete (UHPC), large-diameter concrete water supply and drainage pipes, urban underground pipe corridors, concrete pipe piles and other concrete products, as well as laminated floor slabs, stair balconies, air conditioning panels, load-bearing thermal insulation decorative composite exterior wall panels, The technology development and production application of concrete prefabricated building parts such as lightweight partition boards.

Sand and gravel aggregates: focus on the development and application of machine-made sand and gravel products for concrete, and technological transformation focusing on key technologies and processes such as machine-made sand and gravel particle shaping, grading adjustment, energy saving and consumption reduction, and comprehensive utilization; development, promotion and application of suitable sand and gravel Intelligent equipment, control system and testing equipment in the aggregate industry.

Glass and products: focus on the development of low-emissivity coated glass (Low-E), ultra-white glass, high-transmittance coated insulating glass, vacuum glass, multi-color coated glass, high-strength tempered glass, composite fireproof glass, curtain wall glass, back glass , Car windshield glass and other deep-processed glass products, as well as the design and manufacture of structural and functional integrated glass for modern agricultural greenhouses, and the third-generation BIPV photovoltaic building integrated components.

Stone: focus on the development of Guizhou characteristic stone products such as beige, shell stone, purple jade belt, etc., such as marble and jade, the development and deep processing of thin and standardized stone products, as well as the design and processing of special-shaped products, stone carvings and handicrafts, mosaic products, and cultural artworks.

Architectural ceramics: develop new products of thinning ceramic tiles, ceramic rock slabs, thermal insulation and decorative composite ceramic products, high value-added ceramic tiles with anti-slip, antibacterial, and antistatic properties, and use industrial waste and low-grade raw material foam Ceramics, ceramic permeable bricks and other products, as well as dry construction wall and floor systems that meet the requirements of fabricated decoration.

Wall materials: focus on the development of sintered porous bricks, hollow blocks, composite exterior wall panels, gypsum boards and other products suitable for prefabricated buildings with integrated structure and function; promote pavement bricks (boards), antique bricks, and ecological slope protection bricks (Blocks), solar roof tiles and other green building materials product technology development and production application, as well as low-cost phase change energy storage wall materials and wall components, photovoltaic building integration parts and components, etc., research and development, design and manufacturing suitable for concrete structures, steel Structure, wood structure and other prefabricated buildings such as phosphogypsum board, autoclaved aerated concrete board, composite building wall and other building parts and components, using phosphogypsum, coal gangue, fly ash and other renewable resources to produce technical equipment for wall materials Development and production and application of products.

(XNUMX) Cultivate and expand the industry chain of emerging building materials

Vigorously cultivate and develop new decoration materials, non-metallic minerals and inorganic non-metallic materials, and extend and broaden the industrial chain.Introduce and nurture enterprises, “specialized, special and new” enterprises and small giant enterprises, form a number of characteristic parks and industrial clusters for emerging building materials industries, and promote the development of Guizhou’s emerging building materials industry.

1. New decoration materials

Relying on the resource endowment and industrial foundation of our province, we will promote the extension, replenishment and expansion of decoration and building materials, and vigorously develop to meet the needs of the modern tooling and home improvement market, with energy saving and emission reduction represented by hardware sanitary ware, thermal insulation and sealing materials, bamboo and wood products, etc. , Health and environmental protection, beautiful and fashionable, convenient and recyclable new, green decoration materials, focus on cultivating a group of “specialized, special and new” market segment enterprises and individual projects, build characteristic parks and industrial clusters, and form hardware sanitary ware and thermal insulation Sealing materials, bamboo and wood products are three key decoration materials sub-industries.

Make the best hardware and bathroom industry.Actively undertake the transfer of industries from eastern provinces such as Zhejiang and Fujian, and attract hardware and sanitary ware enterprises with a high level of intelligent production, strong innovation capabilities and good brand effects.Introduce and promote supporting technologies such as hardware sanitary ware mold manufacturing and gold casting.Vigorously develop water-saving, decontamination, anti-bacterial, intelligent ceramic sanitary ware that meets the needs of people for a healthy and comfortable life Hardware sanitary products such as ceilings, door and window parts, metal drying racks, etc.Encourage the development of combined or integrated ceramic sanitary products, and support the standardization, generalization, systemization, and supporting R&D design and application of plumbing hardware sanitary products.

Strengthen the insulation and sealing material industry.Relying on the existing industrial foundation, actively undertake the transfer of eastern industries, and develop the VOC environmentally friendly water-based coatings, new waterproof materials, thermal insulation and energy-saving materials, wallpaper and wall coverings and other insulation and sealing materials industries.Promote the development, design, production and application of building energy-saving decorative products such as structural thermal insulation and decoration integrated building components, roof and wall integrated decorative materials, integrated walls, broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles, energy-saving doors and windows, and thermal insulation and waterproof integrated roofs.Efforts will be made to promote the construction of the Longli County polymer impermeable material production base and the green design platform for new inorganic silicon nano-coating products.By 2025, an industrial pattern of coordinated development of the insulation and sealing material industry and related industries such as chemical industry will be initially formed.

Develop bamboo and wood products industry.Focusing on meeting the development needs of “tourism industrialization”, construction industrialization, and green home furnishing, support Zunyi City and Qiandongnan Prefecture to rely on abundant bamboo and wood resources to vigorously develop bamboo and wood products, bamboo and wood structure housing parts, and bamboo and wood environmentally friendly home furnishings. Products, as well as products for enclosure and decoration, such as biomass fiber-reinforced wood-plastic, composite bamboo-wood flooring, and new magnesia building materials produced by comprehensively using the by-products of bamboo and wood products.By 2025, the Guizhou bamboo and wood industry production base based on bamboo and wood material application technology, furniture design research and application product development will be formed, and Chishui Bamboo and Wood Products Industrial Park will be upgraded and Jianhe Forest and Wood Products Industry Concentration Zone in Qiandongnan Prefecture , Jinping Wood Products Industrial Park, etc.

Box 3 Development focus of new decoration materials

Hardware sanitary ware: focus on the development of water-saving, decontamination, antibacterial, intelligent ceramic sanitary ware, reclaimed water, showers, smart toilet covers, integral sanitary ware, integrated pipelines and other sanitary products and hardware; middle hinges, door locks, latches, curtains Door and window hardware such as sliding rails, curtain rods, window buckles, and sliding rails, as well as smart access control, door locks, etc.

Thermal insulation and sealing materials: focus on the development of thermal insulation and energy-saving materials such as rock wool, glass wool, foam glass, vacuum insulation panels, expanded perlite, rubber and plastic; broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum veneers, aluminum honeycomb panels, and film-coated aluminum-plastic composite panels , Color fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic composite panels, fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels, aluminum alloy templates, and modular and standardized energy-saving doors and windows that meet the needs of building energy-saving.Low-VOC environmentally friendly water-based paints, interior wall latex paints, powder coatings and high-solid powder coatings, high weather resistance, stain resistance, high color retention and low toxicity, etc. , Water-based fluorine coatings and silicone acrylic resins and other exterior wall coatings, as well as new thermal insulation coatings such as heat-insulating reflective coatings, fire-resistant coatings, heat-insulating sunscreen coatings, ceramic heat-insulating coatings; APP modified bitumen waterproofing membranes, EPDM Waterproof membranes and PVC polymer waterproof membranes, polymer cement-based waterproof coatings, polyurethane, acrylic waterproof coatings and waterproof and decorative asphalt shingles, self-adhesive waterproof membranes, thermoplastic waterproof membranes, integrated waterproof and thermal insulation materials, Puncture-resistant waterproof materials and water storage and drainage materials for green roofs, as well as new waterproof materials such as waterproof coiled materials, cast-in-place polyurethane coatings, polyurea, etc. required for the construction of urban railways and underground pipe corridors; integrated thermal insulation and waterproof roofs, integrated walls, fresh air systems, etc. Design and manufacture of integrated parts for building integration.

Bamboo and wood products: focus on the development of low-formaldehyde environmentally friendly laminated veneer lumber (LVL), parallel wood laminated wood (PSL), oriented strand board (OSB), carbonized wood and other wood processing products and wooden structure housing parts; reorganized bamboo panels, Bamboo flooring, bamboo decorative panels, bamboo household products, bamboo charcoal, bamboo charcoal fiber and other bamboo processed products, bamboo structure housing parts, and bamboo wood furniture.

2. Building functional materials

Relying on the resource endowment and industrial foundation of our province, promote the development of building functional materials represented by profiles, doors and windows, steel structure buildings, and integrated supporting products.

Profiles, doors and windows: focus on the production and promotion of high-strength and aging-resistant plastic profiles, such as PVC-U, PE, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), molecular weight polyethylene pipe (UHMWPE), heat-resistant polyethylene pipe (PE-RT), ABS, etc. Pipe.Develop broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles, coated aluminum-plastic composite panels, colored fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic composite panels, fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels, aluminum alloy templates, and modular and standardized energy-saving doors and windows that meet the needs of building energy-saving.

Steel structure buildings: focus on the production and development of large-scale new steel structure public buildings and residential buildings, prefabricated steel structure standard factory buildings, steel-wood composite residential buildings, steel-structure composite phosphogypsum houses and other buildings.Vigorously develop the production of high-tech composite panels such as color steel composite panels, composite aluminum panels, and composite magnesium panels.

Integrated supporting products: focus on the production and promotion of integrated kitchen and bathroom accessories, integrated walls, sealing materials, building hardware, integrated thermal insulation and waterproof roofing, environmentally friendly furniture, and fresh air systems.

3. Non-metallic minerals and inorganic non-metallic materials

Focusing on strategic emerging industries, relying on the non-metallic mineral resources and industrial foundation of our province, focus on supplementing, extending and strengthening the chain, and develop environmentally friendly refractory materials, non-metallic mineral functional materials and products, basalt continuous fiber, and alkali-free glass fiber Inorganic non-metallic new materials such as fiber and composite materials, special glass, special ceramics, etc., break through the bottleneck of the preparation and popularization and application of key materials, accelerate the industrialization process, and cultivate the economic growth pole of the emerging building materials industry.

Box 4 Development focus of non-metallic minerals and inorganic non-metallic materials industry

Refractory materials: focus on the development of environmentally friendly refractory materials used in cement kilns, dry quenching devices, metallurgical high-temperature container linings, steel metallurgy, etc., and develop magnesia products, corundum products, high-melting-point oxide materials and their composite materials, and high-temperature fibers And reinforced materials.Actively develop refractory materials and series of refractory castables for glass kilns such as functional ceramic overflow bricks and supporting supporting bricks, high-density zircon bricks, and tertiary refractory products.

Fiber and composite materials: focus on the development of high-temperature, alkali-resistant, high-strength, high-modulus basalt fiber and cement-based, asphalt-based concrete reinforcement chopped basalt fiber, basalt fiber composite bar, basalt fiber mat, basalt fiber reinforced composite material , Basalt fiber high temperature filter material and other composite materials.Focus on the development of ultra-fine, high-strength, alkali-resistant, low-dielectric, low-expansion, high-silica, degradable, and shaped cross-section glass fibers and glass fiber products.

Special glass: focus on the introduction and development of bulletproof glass, electrochromic glass, screen display substrate glass, touch glass, touch screen high-strength cover glass, high-strength windshield porthole glass for high-speed vehicles and other special glass projects and technical equipment, and actively introduce the height below 0.4mm Generation TFT-LCD ultra-thin substrate glass, OLED substrate glass project.

Special ceramics: focus on the introduction and development of ceramic denitrification catalysts, ceramic filter materials, precision bearings, high-temperature and high-stability piezoelectric ceramics, and new temperature materials; third-generation semiconductor ceramics represented by silicon carbide, gallium nitride, aluminum nitride, etc. Components, 5G electronic ceramics and components, sensitive functional ceramics and ceramic sensors and other ceramic materials.

Non-metallic mineral functional materials and products: focus on the deep processing of limestone, marble, quartzite, kaolin, and bauxite and the production of standardized raw materials. Support Zhenfeng County, Kaili, Qingzhen, Zunyi and other places to build ceramics and refractory aluminum Standardized raw material processing base project for high-quality raw materials and siliceous raw materials for glass. Development of non-metallic mineral functional materials such as activated calcium oxide and ultra-fine modified calcium carbonate, filling modified materials, as well as high-purity alumina, inorganic wear-resistant materials, and carbon Electrode, aluminum silicate fiber and other inorganic non-metallic materials and processed products.

(XNUMX) Enhance industrial innovation capabilities

1. Speed ​​up technological product innovation

Guide and support enterprises to strengthen the research and development and application of new technologies and new products characterized by green, smart, and collaborative integration, overcome a number of key common technologies that restrict the overall improvement of the competitiveness of the building materials industry in our province, and develop suitable green buildings and strategic emerging New products needed for industrial development.

Box 5 Key points of technological product innovation

Cement: Promotion and application of “second-generation new dry-process cement technology and equipment”, ultra-clean emission and dust collection, new low-cost dynamic denitrification technology, fuel substitution technology, Belite-sulfoaluminate low-calcium cement manufacturing, carbon dioxide capture, and storage And high-value transformation and utilization, improvement of cement kiln co-processing and solid waste resource utilization efficiency and other technical equipment and product development and application.The promotion of carbon sequestration technologies such as carbon capture and carbon storage and utilization will lay a solid foundation for the simultaneous realization of “carbon peaks” between the cement industry in our province and the whole country.

Concrete and products: low-cost manufacturing of concrete, recycled concrete and other concrete product technology development and application, ready-mixed concrete manufacturing execution management, intelligent logistics distribution, online quality monitoring and other industrial chain intelligent integrated system development and application, concrete products and prefabricated building parts The development and application of intelligent integrated systems such as centralized mixing and distribution, automatic forming control, skeleton welding and transportation, and finished product maintenance.

Sand and gravel aggregate: technological transformation of enterprises focusing on key technologies such as machine-made sand and gravel particle shaping, grading adjustment, energy saving and consumption reduction, comprehensive utilization, etc., large-scale sand and gravel production line mining, crushing, screening, shaping and other new generation of sand and gravel Promotion and application of complete sets of technical equipment, intelligent monitoring system for mining area mobile equipment, online quality monitoring technology for machine-made sand and gravel preparation, machine-made sand and gravel for performance concrete, aggregates for military protection engineering, ecological restoration technology for abandoned quarries, and energy for large-scale down-hauling belt conveyors Development and application of recycling and energy saving technologies.

Glass and products: promote the application of oxygen/oxygen-enriched combustion technology for glass melting furnaces; one-kiln multi-line flat glass production technology and equipment, low thermal conductivity fused cast zirconium corundum for glass melting furnaces, long-life chromium-free alkaline refractories, energy saving, , Display, intelligent control and other functional glass products and technical equipment, continuous automatic vacuum glass production line; focus on promoting the intelligent transformation of glass enterprises, popularizing raw material beneficiation and batching, and the three major thermal intelligent control of melting furnace, tin bath and annealing furnace, melting Forming digital simulation, cold-end optimization control, online defect detection, automatic stacking and laying, automatic cutting and slicing, intelligent coding and warehousing, and other intelligent integrated system applications.

Stone: energy-saving and clean production transformation of stone enterprises, mechanized stone mining, production of ultra-thin composite stone of 30 square meters per year and above, ore scraps and board scraps, comprehensive utilization of stone powder, production and technology of non-toxic and environmentally friendly resin-based artificial stone Equipment development and application; advance high-reliability, intelligent and systematic mining system, plate sawing system, intelligent bridge cutting system, intelligent continuous grinding system, intelligent artificial stone material production system, intelligent three-dimensional glue filling system, intelligent Development and application of new generation stone technology equipment such as chemical wastewater comprehensive treatment system.Focus on the key technical bottlenecks of marble slab home improvement, paving and decoration.

Wall materials: Promote the level of intelligent manufacturing and digitalization in the wall material industry, focusing on the development and application of raw material preparation, blank forming synchronous cutting, drying (autoclave) maintenance, kiln optimization control, automatic quality inspection, intelligent packaging logistics, automatic unloading code Intelligent manufacturing systems such as stacking and pollution emission control.Accelerate the promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing technology by existing production enterprises such as sintered bricks, aerated concrete blocks and wall panels.

Building ceramics: promote the application of fully automatic large-tonnage brick presses, polishing and grinding processing equipment, inkjet printing technology and equipment, ceramic inkjet inks, multilayer drying lines, large-scale wide-section energy-saving kilns, automatic ceramic tile selection and packaging equipment, etc. Technical equipment, advancing the short-flow dry powder milling process, continuous ball milling process, powder standardization, intelligent identification and testing equipment, super large ceramic plate press, ultra-thin ceramic plate firing equipment, low-emission internal circulation firing technology, automatic shipment and three-dimensional Development and industrial application of technical equipment such as warehouses.

Hardware sanitary ware: promote the application of ceramic sanitary ware high-pressure molding equipment technology, microwave drying technology, antibacterial self-cleaning glaze technology, robot glazing, resin model technology, wide-section tunnel kiln and other new technologies and equipment, as well as energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient plastic pipes, Automatic and intelligent production lines for profiles and hardware parts.Promote the R&D and industrial application of technical equipment such as raw material standardization, low-emission internal circulation firing technology, 3D printing molding technology, automatic loading and unloading, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful and fashionable, recyclable hardware sanitary products, and meeting assembly requirements The development and production of overall sanitary parts.

Insulation and sealing materials: promote the application of a new generation of rock wool technology and equipment with a single line capacity of more than 3 tons/year, upgrades of production and manufacturing technologies such as waterproof sealing, coatings, thermal insulation materials, doors and windows, development and application of raw material preparation and storage systems, fully enclosed automation, Intelligent production line, energy saving, environmental protection, dust removal and flue gas treatment system and other key technical equipment.

Bamboo and wood products: develop and produce formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly laminated veneer lumber (LVL), ultra-thin high-density fiberboard, impregnated veneer plywood and blockboard, carbonized wood, restructured bamboo flooring, decorative boards, bamboo charcoal and other bamboo and wood processed products , Wood-plastic and other healthy and environmentally friendly bamboo and wood products, research and development and application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment and automated and intelligent production lines.

Non-metallic minerals and inorganic non-metallic materials: activated calcium oxide, ultrafine calcium carbonate, and the production of non-metallic mineral functional materials used in environmental treatment, thermal insulation, agriculture and other non-metallic mineral functional materials and the development and application of technical equipment, non-metallic mines, The development and construction of industrial big data platform technology for processing, trade, application, investment, etc., the production of special glass, special ceramic products, functional ceramics, basalt continuous fiber and other inorganic non-metallic materials in the fields of information, new energy, national defense, aerospace, etc. Application and development and application of technical equipment. 8 tons/year and above alkali-free glass fiber roving (monofilament diameter>9μm) pool kiln drawing production technology, 5 tons/year and above alkali-free glass fiber spun yarn (monofilament diameter ≤9μm) pool kiln drawing production technology, And basalt fiber gas-electric combined melting tank kiln, pure oxygen combustion, electric boosting, raw material melting modification, 1200 hole large slat wire drawing, sizing agent, direct yarn production technology device and intelligent control technology development and application.

2. Innovation system

Increase investment in scientific and technological research and development, and establish innovation platforms such as enterprise research and development centers, technological innovation centers, and key laboratories.Build a building material innovation system supported by a new generation of information technology, and create a collaborative innovation public service platform and maker base for the vast number of small and medium-sized building materials companies, entrepreneurial teams and individuals.Standardize service standards, carry out technology research and development, inspection and testing, technology evaluation, technology trading, quality certification, talent training and other services to promote the transformation and application of innovative achievements.

3. Improve industry standards

Guided by the needs of construction engineering, strengthen the docking of various building materials product manufacturing specifications and construction standards for construction engineering design and application.Give full play to the important role of enterprises in standard setting, and support the establishment of an industrial standard promotion alliance composed of key enterprises, research and design institutes (institutions), and universities in key areas such as stone, concrete and products, prefabricated buildings, and new decorative building materials. Coordinate the development of group standards and specifications for building materials products and manufacturing that meet the needs of the local market.Encourage small and medium-sized building materials enterprises in the province to carry out mutually beneficial strategic alliances and cooperation with domestic key enterprises, organize production and operation in accordance with key enterprise technology, brand, management and other standards, promote the application and promotion of innovative results, and promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises.

(XNUMX) Speed ​​up the development of green recycling

1. Improve the level of green manufacturing

Strictly implement energy consumption quota standards for the cement and building glass industries, establish energy efficiency, and promote enterprise energy efficiency benchmarking.Establish and improve the enterprise energy use management system, use informatization, digitalization and intelligent technology to strengthen the control and supervision of energy consumption, orderly arrange off-peak production, and reduce total production and carbon emissions.Explore the establishment of a “carbon-based production” mechanism in the cement, glass and product industries based on the intensity and total amount of carbon emissions, and actively promote enterprises to carry out pure low-temperature waste heat power generation projects, the elimination and renewal of coal-fired boilers, waste water recycling, desulfurization and denitrification, and recovery The transformation of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies such as dust, and upgrading the level of process technology and equipment.Accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system, promote the green transformation and upgrading of the new building materials industry, actively carry out the creation of provincial-level green factories, and improve the level of green manufacturing in the building materials industry.

2. Increase the production and application of green building materials

Combining green buildings, finished housing, affordable housing construction, green ecological urban areas, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, green farm houses, and modernization of the construction industry, vigorously promote the use of green building materials in buildings such as steel, wood, and prefabricated concrete structures.Guide and encourage building materials companies to participate in the certification of green building materials products.Promote the procurement of green building materials, technology, technology, and products for government-invested projects, and advocate “no green, no procurement”.

3. Promote the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid waste

Give full play to the advantages of the new-type building materials industry in the harmless elimination of bulk solid waste, and in accordance with the principles of reduction, reuse, and resource utilization, establish connections in the fields of electric power, coal, steel, non-ferrous metals, phosphate coal chemicals, agriculture and forestry, as well as within the industry. A mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation mechanism among various industries.Relying on the Kaiyang and Xifeng Industrial Parks in Guiyang City, the Fuquan and Weng’an Industrial Parks in Qiannan Prefecture, and the Qingshuihe Industrial Park in Qiannan Prefecture, to accelerate the production of new building materials from industrial by-product gypsum, construction waste, mining and mineral processing waste, and tailings Mine production of sand and gravel aggregates, coal gangue, fly ash production of wall materials and other projects.Actively promote the use of crop straws, wood processing waste, etc. to produce wood-plastic, straw insulation boards and other new biomass building materials technologies.

4. Promote the construction of green mines

Promote the construction of green mines in the building materials industry in the province. In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Guizhou Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Green Mines (Qian Guo Tu Zi Fa [2018] No. 9), the construction of green mines shall be integrated throughout the design, construction, production and closure of mines in the building materials industry. The whole process of the pit; promote large-scale, intensive, and green mining in the building materials industry.Improve the mining rate, beneficiation recovery rate and comprehensive utilization rate of mineral resources.By the end of the “XNUMXth Five-Year Plan” period, green mine exploration has been implemented, and all mines in the building materials industry have reached the standards for green mine construction.

Box 6 Comprehensive Utilization of Bulk Solid Waste

Promote the construction of circular transformation demonstration pilot projects in the four national parks of Dalong Economic Development Zone, Panzhou Hongguo Economic Development Zone, Liupanshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and Xixiu Economic Development Zone, and promote the Huaxi Industrial Park and Wuzheng Road Coal, Electricity and Aluminum in Wuchuan County Industrial Park, Liupanshui Dahe Economic Development Zone (Zhongshan Dawan [Wangjiazhai] Industrial Park), Shuicheng County Faer Industrial Park, Zhenning Autonomous County Industrial Park, Hezhang County Industrial Park, Dushan Mawei Industrial Park, Luodian Industrial Park , Zhenfeng County Industrial Park, Pu’an County Industrial Park, 4 provincial-level characteristic industrial parks circular transformation.

Cement: Focus on promoting the co-processing of domestic garbage, sludge, hazardous waste and other technologies in furnaces (kilns) to greatly increase the fuel substitution rate; explore the application of comprehensive utilization technologies such as phosphogypsum to sulfuric acid and co-production of cement, and further excavate and upgrade slag and pulverized coal Comprehensive utilization efficiency of solid wastes such as ash, steel slag, calcium carbide slag, coal gangue, desulfurized gypsum, and phosphogypsum.

Concrete and products: Support ready-mixed concrete companies to use construction waste, tailings, waste rock and other renewable resources to produce recycled aggregates and recycled concrete.Increase the mixing amount of industrial waste residues such as fly ash and phosphorous slag in concrete to improve the comprehensive utilization level of the industry.

Sand and gravel aggregates: Encourage sand and gravel production enterprises to implement green production transformation and upgrading, implement closed transformations in plant buildings, main equipment, raw material storage sheds, etc., produce environmentally friendly supporting facilities such as recycling and reuse of waste water, fine powder, and sedimentation mud, and strictly control dust Unorganized emissions can effectively reduce production noise and meet environmental protection standards.Vigorously promote the recycling of construction waste (construction waste), encourage sand and gravel production enterprises to comprehensively use construction waste, waste rock, tailings, etc. to produce sand and gravel aggregates, and increase the use of limestone powder in combination with aggregate chemical manufacturing technology.

Glass and products: Establish a waste glass recycling system to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources in glass enterprises.

Stone: Promote the construction of green stone mines, and promote the concentrated development of the industry in the direction of ecology, standardization and intelligence.

Wall materials: research and development of technology and equipment development and product production applications for the production of wall materials using renewable resources such as phosphogypsum, coal gangue, fly ash, etc., focusing on the promotion of red mud, electrolytic manganese slag, gold tailings and other difficult-to-use solid waste production walls Research and development of the industrialization technology of bulk materials.Encourage wall material companies to use new sintered brick and tile production lines of no less than 6000 million pieces/year (inclusive) to co-process waste, and support the use of solid waste, industrial by-products and other renewable resources as main raw materials to produce lightweight, high-strength, and essential wall materials product.

(XNUMX) Promote the development of cross-industry integration

Through continuous promotion of multi-level and multi-field integration between enterprises, industries, and industries, strengthen systematic transformation and enhance the competitiveness of the building materials industry as a whole.

1. Promote the deep integration of the new building materials industry and the new generation of information technology

In accordance with the thinking of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, actively guide building materials companies to speed up the network, automation, intelligence, and information transformation of enterprises around the changes in market demand, and improve the quality monitoring and traceability capabilities of building materials products throughout the life cycle.Support the new development model of “Internet + new building materials industry”, encourage enterprises to “fission” development, use the industrial Internet platform to carry out business process reengineering, extend the service chain, and provide a one-stop service of “product + service”.

During the “XNUMXth Five-Year Plan” period, we will accelerate the promotion and application of digital design, furnace (kiln) control optimization, intelligent warehousing and logistics, product quality traceability, online monitoring and testing, industrial chain coordination and other intelligent digital technologies for key production and operation links, and cultivate a batch of intelligent digital technologies. Typical projects for single applications.Promote the intelligent transformation of machine-made sand and gravel mining enterprises.Deeply integrate modern information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet with the mechanism sand and gravel industry to create a new business format of “Internet + sand and gravel aggregates”.Promote the intelligent transformation of glass and products, stone, wall materials, etc., promote the application of intelligent management systems for production processes, and improve the level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry.Support decoration materials companies and network service providers, decoration design, construction and installation engineering and other related companies to collaborate, integrate resources, and build a new type of building materials that integrates new product research and development, online product promotion, offline construction and installation services, and talent training The integrated service platform provides consumers with overall solutions and continuously improves the overall competitiveness of the company.

2. Promote the deep integration of the new building materials industry and related industries

Support the development of new building materials industry enterprises and enterprises in the construction industry and related fields to merge, merge, and reorganize, extend upstream and downstream industries, and form a new pattern of integration and development of the new building materials industry and construction, metallurgy, chemical, forestry, electric power and other related fields.

Driven by digital and intelligent upgrades, promote the coordinated development of the new building materials industry, construction industrialization, and intelligent construction.Taking industrial production methods as the core, focusing on prefabricated concrete structures, steel structures, prefabricated components and parts, finished houses, etc., promote the deep integration of the new building materials industry with the construction industry, effectively improve the construction quality and production efficiency, and drive building materials , Energy saving, environmental protection and other related industries.Focus on decoration materials such as plastic building materials, waterproof coatings, gypsum building materials, and accelerate the integrated development of new building materials and the chemical industry; focus on the comprehensive utilization of fly ash and desulfurized gypsum to produce new building materials to promote the integrated development of new building materials and the power industry; Focus on the production of decorative materials for bamboo and wood products, and promote the integrated development of new building materials and forestry industries.

3. Promote the deep integration of production and sales of new building materials products

Actively build a production and marketing connection and promotion platform, and continue to organize the production of building materials, real estate development, construction, supervision, design, decoration, and home building materials in the province through the Guizhou (Anshun) International Stone Fair and the production and marketing matchmaking meeting for the new building materials industry. Enterprises conduct on-site matchmaking negotiations.Improve the awareness of local building materials products, expand the market share of local building materials products, and increase the publicity of building materials products.Encourage and guide the provincial municipal construction projects, public infrastructure, demonstration small towns, tourism development and other key projects in the province to give priority to the use of new building materials products in the province under the same conditions.

4. Cultivate and expand service-oriented manufacturing

Focusing on the common service needs of the new building materials industry, accelerate the cultivation of a group of comprehensive service platforms that integrate strategic consulting, management optimization, solution innovation, and digital capability building.Support building materials companies in accordance with the principle of marketization, stripping off non-core services, and providing socialized services such as R&D and design, entrepreneurial incubation, measurement and testing, and inspection and testing for upstream and downstream companies in the industrial chain.Encourage new-type building materials service-oriented manufacturing enterprises to carry out mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations in accordance with market principles to achieve intensive and brand-based development.Cultivate a number of new industrial service platforms or social organizations for new building materials service-oriented manufacturing industries, and encourage them to carry out activities such as collaborative research and development, resource sharing, and application of results.

Improve the innovation capability of the new building materials industry.Develop research and development, technology transfer, entrepreneurial incubation, intellectual property rights, technology consulting and other new building materials technology service industries, strengthen key core technologies in the new building materials industry, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, consolidate the foundation for collaborative innovation of industry, university, research and use, and promote the industrial chain and innovation chain Docking and deep integration, enhance the technological innovation capability of the new building materials industry, and improve the modernization level of the supply chain of the new building materials industry chain.Improve the level of service consulting and digitalization, and help the new building materials industry enterprises to establish strategic thinking, innovate management models, optimize governance structures, and promote the improvement of operating efficiency.

Optimize the supply quality of the new building materials industry.Support enterprises and institutions to provide quality management, control, evaluation and other services, expand the supply of new building materials industry products and services, and improve the adaptability of the supply system to demand.Accelerate the reform and development of marketization, internationalization, intensiveness, and standardization of the inspection, testing and certification service industry, improve service levels and credibility, promote the construction of a provincial-level inspection, testing and certification public service platform, and promote the improvement of the quality of new building materials industry products and services.Encourage service agencies to actively participate in the brand building and market promotion of the new building materials industry, strengthen brand and marketing management services, and enhance the brand effect and market competitiveness of the new building materials industry.

Support the green development of the new building materials industry.Strengthen the supporting role of energy-saving and environmental protection services for the green development of the new building materials industry, and promote contract energy management, energy-saving diagnosis, energy-saving assessment, energy-saving technical transformation consulting services, energy-saving and environmental protection financing, third-party monitoring, third-party environmental pollution management, and comprehensive environmental management custody services The promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection services from a single, short-term technical service to multi-domain, full-cycle comprehensive services such as consulting, management, investment and financing.

XNUMX. Safeguards

(XNUMX) Strengthen the organization and implementation of planning

Establish a daily scheduling mechanism, focusing on the list-style and normalized scheduling of target progress, completion of work tasks, and financial service guarantees.Strengthen the organization, formulate goal decomposition guarantees and supporting measures, and implement policies to form policy stacking effects and strong synergy.

Plan supervision and inspection mechanism, regularly conduct (annual, mid-term, and end-of-term) supervision and inspection and effect evaluation on the implementation of the plan, find problems in a timely manner, formulate countermeasures to solve the problems, and ensure the effective implementation of the plan.Further improve the planning evaluation system, promote independent third-party evaluation, objectively analyze and evaluate the implementation of planning, strengthen research on industry development trends, grasp industry development trends, and adjust target tasks in a timely manner.Explore the public-oriented Internet evaluation methods to improve the objectivity and recognition of evaluation.

(XNUMX) Strengthen element guarantee

Further develop support policies for the new building materials industry, and make good use of various national financial funds.Give full play to the role of provincial financial funds and government guidance funds, and focus on supporting the technological transformation and industrial upgrading of building materials companies such as automation and informatization.Innovate and optimize the investment and use of funds and funds at all levels, unblock the channels for fund allocation, improve the efficiency of the use of fiscal funds, and enhance the linkage effect of investment and loans.Guide financial institutions to innovate mortgage (pledge) financing models, further simplify business processes such as renewal and revolving loans, and reduce corporate financing costs.Prioritize the allocation of land use indicators for major building materials projects to improve the level of economical and intensive use of industrial land.Strengthen transportation security measures, improve the operation capacity of waterways, and build supporting roads, stations, and wharves in the new building materials industrial park to break through the logistics bottleneck and reduce carbon emissions and transportation costs.

(XNUMX) Strict law enforcement and supervision

Use the “Four Laws and One Policy” standard to eliminate backward production capacity in accordance with laws and regulations, resolutely eliminate illegal production capacity, standardize market order, and make room for development for enterprises.Conscientiously implement the step-by-step electricity price policy for the cement industry, increase supervision and random inspections and law enforcement inspections of building materials products, and deal with unqualified products in accordance with laws and regulations.Strict production supervision and law enforcement, and investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations in production and occupational health in accordance with the law.

(XNUMX) Strengthen the construction of talent team

Support key enterprises to cooperate with universities in running schools, open university practice bases and post-doctoral research workstations, and cultivate high-level compound talents urgently needed in our province’s new building materials industry.Relying on vocational colleges and technical colleges, strengthen vocational skills training and education for the employment of rural migrant laborers.Support the industry to carry out vocational training and skill competitions, carry out pilot demonstrations of new enterprise apprenticeships and modern apprenticeships, continuously improve the vocational skills of employees, cultivate more industry “craftsmen”, establish a talent pool of new building materials experts in our province, and adopt part-time, Flexible methods such as temporary appointments and special appointments have widely attracted domestic and foreign industry experts to provide intellectual services for our province.

(XNUMX) Expanding investment and intelligence

Undertake industrial transfer, focus on industries, major projects and industrial chains, and strengthen investment and intelligence.Based on advantageous resources, with the direction of building chains, strengthening the chain and supplementing the chain extension, through platforms such as investment promotion for central enterprises, investment promotion for Guizhou and Guangdong industries, and industrial transfer in the central and eastern regions, we will select the best to determine the attracting target, and actively introduce domestic and foreign excellent and strong enterprises to settle in our province. .Intensify efforts to attract investment and give full play to the role of the exhibition platform.Encourage the use of platforms such as the China International Industry Fair and the Xiamen International Stone Fair to seize opportunities in the adjustment and industrial transfer of the building materials industry in the central and eastern regions, and carry out targeted investment promotion activities, especially for the mechanism sand and gravel, which have good resource endowments in our province. Stone and other industries have increased their efforts to attract, and strive to introduce a number of building materials companies with technology and strength.

(XNUMX) Strengthen industry self-discipline

Establish a linkage mechanism between the government, associations, and enterprises, give full play to the role of industry associations as a bridge and link, and follow the market mechanism to provide industry guidance and services.Give full play to the association’s service capabilities in regulating market order, establishing codes of conduct for industry practitioners, promoting industry technological progress, improving industry management levels, reflecting corporate demands, and making policy recommendations.Guide and organize the entire industry to establish and promote professional ethics, abide by professional ethics, and establish an industry cultural spirit in which the interests of the industry are higher than the interests of the enterprise, and the interests of the industry reside in the interests of the industry.

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