The normal function of the train braking system is the combined braking of air and regeneration.


Braking system The braking system is composed of three functional modes: regenerative braking, mechanical braking and combined braking. Other mechanical braking devices are devices operated by compressed air. Except for the air source system, it is mainly controlled by a microcomputer. It is composed of four parts: electric-pneumatic brake, basic brake device, anti-skid device and spare air brake device. The normal function of the train braking system is the combined braking of air and regeneration. Give priority to the use of regenerative braking of power vehicles and assist the air braking of trailers to reduce the load of train friction braking to achieve safe, reliable, high-efficiency, and low-consumption high-speed braking.

According to the braking command, vehicle load, speed and actual size of regenerative braking, the electro-pneumatic friction braking force is automatically adjusted to achieve basic constant deceleration braking control, which improves the stability and comfort of braking operation. The train brake system can be self-checked through the computer, and has the function of automatic fault guidance safety; it has the redundant function of parallel transmission of train hardline commands and network commands, and implements control according to the principle of taking the larger; used in conjunction with the ATP train automatic protection system , Can realize the automatic protection control of the train advancing and overspeeding; adopting high-sensitivity electronic air anti-skid device, can make full use of the wheel-rail adhesion ability during braking; automatic air brake device with hot standby, once the electro-pneumatic brake fails, A back-up air brake is automatically applied to ensure safety.

Ventilation system The roof mezzanine ventilation method is to set an air flow mezzanine in the car body roof. The air from outside the car enters the mezzanine ventilation room from the roof sloping blinds, and then is sucked in by the dedicated air inlets of each ventilation branch, and sent to each by the fan. Cool the parts. According to the layout of the car body equipment, in order to make the arrangement of the air ducts more reasonable and to make the air volume distribution more balanced, the whole car body roof is divided into 4 parts. *The latter fixed roof is a closed structure without a ventilation chamber. . Therefore, the whole vehicle has only 3 mezzanine roof ventilation chambers.

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