The Quality Of The Lifting Chain Has Defects Or Problems

The quality of the hoisting chain itself is defective or problematic: for example, the material of the hoisting chain is brittle, the welding is not secure, and the wear is serious, which causes the lifting chain to break easily. Non-normal damage materials, manufacturing quality problems: the ring chain welding and heat treatment manufacturing quality is the main cause of the broken chain alone. Because the manufacturing quality and material are not up to standard, the single chain Ring of the hoisting chain has brittle fracture or plastic deformation fracture in use. Brittle fracture occurs in the weld interface or weld heat affected zone, and the plastic deformation fracture occurs in the straight section and the ring joint of the chain ring, which bears the great shearing stress. Mainly because of material, heat treatment problems. Link dropped into the iron: easy to happen twist chain, resulting in broken chain.

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