The specific production process of precision CNC machining parts

precision cnc machining is used by a large number of people, but do you know the production process of precision CNC machining parts ?  
1. From the hardware point of view, the machining of mechanical parts requires a variety of mechanical equipment, such as cars, milling machines, planers, grinding machines, broaching machining centers, etc. The inherent machining accuracy of various equipment is different, so precision machining is required. It depends on how high the precision of your parts is, and the corresponding process route and equipment are selected accordingly;
2, from the software, is the skill of the operator, which involves the operation skills of the operators of various equipment, including the in-depth understanding of the equipment, the understanding of machining, the understanding of the materials of the processing parts, etc. Skills can be accumulated slowly from the usual work, the key to the operator's skills is practiceIn the production process, the process of changing the shape, size, position and properties of the production object to make it into a finished product or a semi-finished product is called a process. It is a major part of the production process. The process can be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly and other processes. The mechanical manufacturing process generally refers to the sum of the mechanical processing process of the parts and the assembly process of the machine. The other processes are called auxiliary. Processes such as transportation, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance, etc. The process is composed of one or several sequential processes, and one process consists of several steps.
The process step is the basic unit that constitutes the machining process. The so-called process refers to the part of a process (or a group of workers) that is continuously completed on the same workpiece (or several workpieces at the same time) on one machine (or one working place). The main feature of a process is that it does not change the processing object, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is continuously completed.
The step is that the processing surface is constant, the processing tool is constant, and the cutting amount is constant.The cutting tool is also called the working stroke, which is the step of processing the processing tool on the processing surface once.
To formulate the machining process, it is necessary to determine the order in which the workpiece has to go through several processes and processes. Only the abbreviated process of the main process name and its processing sequence is listed, which is called the process route.
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