Tool steel application CNC machining manufacturing characteristics

CNC processing requires precision, in many ways, the process from processing to completion cannot be taken care of. After all, as the times are constantly changing, the requirements for the quality of the products and the quality of the materials produced by the customers are also high. The higher the computer is processed in metal, or mold steel, or some other etching manufacturer, the industry will apply more.
What should we pay attention to manufacture CNCmachining parts ?The CNC computer is a cnc machine tool with a tool magazine that can automatically change tools and perform various machining operations on a workpiece within a certain range. Since the machining center can complete various processes in a centralized and automatic manner, it avoids artificial operation errors, reduces workpiece clamping, measurement and adjustment time of the machine tool, and workpiece turnover, handling and storage time, greatly improving machining efficiency and machining accuracy. Therefore, it has good economic benefits. The machining center can be divided into a vertical machining center and a horizontal CNC computer according to the position of the spindle in space.
What should we pay attention to manufacture cnc machining parts?After the workpiece is clamped once, the CNC system can control the machine tool to automatically select and replace the tool according to different work cnc group orders; automatically change the machine spindle speed, feed amount and the tool's movement track relative to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions, continuously The machining surfaces of the workpiece are automatically drilled, boring, reaming, boring, tapping, milling and other multi-step machining.
Because the early milling machine numerical control system does not have the function of function calculation, the machining program of the function equation curve can not be programmed directly with the G code. The CAD/CAM software (lower version) usually does not have the function of directly inputting the graph by the equation. It is very difficult to curve the outline of the equation. The programming method of the machining center: the contour of the simple contour line and the arc is directly programmed by the G code of the numerical control system. Complex contour 3D surface contours, 3D graphics are drawn in the computer using automatic programming software (CAD/CAM), various corresponding parameters are set according to the surface type, and the NC machining program is automatically generated. The above two programming methods can basically meet the requirements of CNC machining. Therefore, the cutting function equation curve contour, the current commonly used method is: according to the drawing requirements, calculate the coordinates of each point on the curve, and then according to the calculated coordinate value, use the straight line or arc command code to program, manually input the system for processing. This method is very labor intensive, and calculating a large number of coordinate points is error-prone.
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