Types Of Rail Support:

Types of rail support:

Adjustable rail brace: an adjustable rail brace by adjustable rail support body, adjustable rail support rack base, rail brace washer and nylon rail brace base pad, which is characterized in that: the angle adjustable rail brace can rack rack base for 12 degrees to 15 degrees, the teeth pitch is 10 15mm.

Elastic rail brace design: rail brace mainly set in the basic switch rail, guide rail and rail curve and other non working side, double cross rail turnout double switch is also arranged rail brace. The rail support in the switch is mainly to prevent rail overturning and gauge expansion, and to ensure the stability of rail.

The anti creeping rail brace: it includes basic rail pad, sleeper, bolt, sleeper, basic rail body along the holes are separated by long, anti creeping rail brace through a bolt and a locknut connected to the basic rail, anti creeping rail brace on both sides of the claw card on both sides of the plate, the plate connected by cha sleeper bolt and sleeper. The utility model has the advantages that the vertical position of the basic rail can be effectively restricted, the relative displacement of the rail and the turnout pillow can be prevented, and the stability of the switch structure and the high ride comfort of the switch can be ensured.

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