U.S. Restricts China’s Trade Infuence For Cable Railing And Rigging Hardware

If the U.S. restricts China’s trade in products, it will inevitably make decisions based on the least harm to its own interests. From the perspective of trade complementarity, it can be seen: labor-intensive industries (light textile products, rubber products, mining and metallurgy products and products, machinery and Transportation equipment and miscellaneous products (including furniture, clothing, etc.) China's exports have a high degree of complementarity with U.S. imports, and the United States in the high labor costs does not have to accept the corresponding production capacity. Therefore, labor-intensive industries are not the main targets of trade wars. At the same time, although the trade complementarity of primary products is not high, because the import and export of primary products is a normal division of labor in the international industry chain for many years, the substitution of this part of the United States is not strong, so the primary product manufacturing industry is not too It may become the industry that the United States imposes on China.

If the Trump administration imposes restrictions on Chinese imports, then capital and technology-intensive industries are relatively optimal limiting instruments. Capital- and technology-intensive industries mainly include two types of industries: the production of chemicals and related products industries and the machinery and equipment industry (the output value of other product industries that are not categorized is too small to be ignored). The machinery and equipment industry has significant trade complementarity both in China and the United States and in the United States. The reason is that the machinery and equipment industry is large and China has a high dependence on high-tech machinery and equipment in the United States, while China's low-end machinery There is a competitive relationship between the equipment and the low-end US machinery and equipment. Therefore, when the United States imposes sanctions against China, it is more likely to choose the lower-end mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, and technology products that compete with the US-based companies.

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