UG NX12.0.2.9 and above versions imitate the method of classic toolbar layout

1. Main menu settings

Use “CTRL+1” to open the customization interface (Picture 1). Select “Menu” and click the “menu item” you need on the right side (Picture 2). You can drag the left mouse button without loosening it and place it (Picture 3 ) The display style and position are fine, the mouse must be displayed like this, otherwise it can’t be put in, or put in a hidden group format.

2.The command bar settings

  • 1. Use “CTRL+1” to open the customization interface, and click “New Tab” in the command bar (Figure 1). It is recommended that you do the commands for each module separately, because they are used differently. For example, processing is processing, modeling is modeling, and drawing is drawing.
    “Always available” √ is removed, it means not to select all, just select the module you created by tick
  • 2. Select the commands you need and add them to the tabs you created. As shown in the figure below: the red box is the main item of all commands. After you find it, select the command in the blue box and drag it to the tab with the left mouse button. If you can’t find it, use the search in the green box to find the command you need. Note that it is necessary to distinguish whether the command is a sketch command or a modeling command, as well as some repetitive commands of the plug-in.
  • 3. After placing the command, you can place the mouse on the command and click the right button to change to display only the command without displaying text, so you can put a little more command. After all, the problem of version, this grid is too big, it is too silly to put two rows. If you have too many commands, you can open another tab.

After exploring and browsing through various posts, write this to give you a little personal experience of just changing the version. Just after the third day of the version change, I got used to the location and use of these commands.

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