What are the advantages of the overall structure of the frame hydraulic press

Frame hydraulic presses are usually called frame hydraulic presses, frame hydraulic presses, frame presses, four-column frame hydraulic presses, gantry frame hydraulic presses, special frame type sheet presses for the automotive industry, etc. It is one of the main products of Dongguan Yihui. The tonnage can be customized from 200 tons to 5000 tons.

Introduction to the advantages of frame Hydraulic Press:

  • 1. The most significant advantage of the frame hydraulic press structure is its good rigidity. Because the frame hydraulic press directly welds the upper and lower beams and the column as a whole, the threaded connection of the traditional hydraulic press is eliminated, and the defect that the nut of the hydraulic press will be loose under long-term load is avoided. At the same time, a smaller force is generally used in the design. The deformation of the fuselage is limited, and the rigidity of the frame is ensured.
  • For the combined frame structure of the frame type hydraulic press, when the working load is carried, the deformation of the frame is small, and when the movable beam is subjected to an eccentric load, the lateral thrust caused by the deflection of the movable beam is borne by the column, and the tie rod is not retracted. Due to the effect of bending moment, due to the large lateral size of the column and mostly box-shaped structure, the bending resistance is very good, so the rigidity of this structure is good.
  • 2. The frame type hydraulic press has high guiding accuracy. The movement of the movable beam is guided by the plane adjustable guiding device installed on the frame, and the gap can be adjusted, which greatly improves the ability to resist lateral thrust, and the column has good bending resistance. When the side thrust is applied, the bending deformation is small, so the guiding accuracy is high.
  • 3. The frame type hydraulic press has a strong fatigue capability. This mainly refers to the combined frame type. In the structure of the four-column hydraulic press, the column will bear the combined action of tension and bending under the action of eccentric load and will be in a complex state of stress, and its stress cycle is a pulsating cycle. In the combined frame structure, the original column is changed to a tension bolt made of high-strength material to bear the tensile force, and the hollow column is used to bear the bending moment and axial pressure, which greatly improves the stress condition of the column. The fatigue resistance of the frame is improved.

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