What are the applications of industrial control computers in daily life

With the emergence of industrial computer, more and more industrial control has been applied to our daily life. Although many people still do not know its existence, people can appreciate the convenience that industrial computer brings to us. Let me briefly introduce, what are the applications of industrial computer in daily life? Let you feel the universality and professionalism of industrial computer at close range.

Compared with manual operation, industrial computer not only has fast operation speed, but also has high precision. When dealing with the huge and complex operations of modern science, the high-speed computing and continuous computing capabilities of industrial computers can realize many problems that are difficult and unsolvable by humans. At present, it has been widely used in meteorological forecasting, earthquake forecasting, high-energy physics and other applications. For example, when forecasting and analyzing weather conditions, if manual calculations are used, it will take several weeks to predict the weather conditions of a day. With the help of industrial computer, even if forecasting the weather for the next 10 days, it only takes a few minutes to calculate, thus making medium and long-term weather forecast possible.

Data processing is the collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, processing and transmission of raw data. Information management through computer data processing has been widely used in transportation management, technical information management, office automation, surveying and drawing management, warehouse management, accounting computerization and other applications. For example, intelligent transportation applications such as toll station systems on highways and on-road license plate capture and monitoring all utilize the collection, computing, stable performance of industrial computers, and the ability to cope with complex and harsh working environments. (Recommended embedded IPC: MXE-5500HJ; or 4U rack-mounted IPC: RK-610S)


Industrial computer-aided design is a technology that uses industrial computer system to assist designers in engineering or product design to achieve the best design effect. It has been widely used in aircraft, automobiles, mechanical equipment, Electronic devices, construction, light industry and other fields. For example, robot arm control system based on industrial computer, automatic guided transport vehicle control system, etc.

Industrial computer-aided manufacturing is the process of using industrial computer systems to manage, control and operate production equipment. For example, in the manufacturing process of the product, the industrial computer with the motion control card is used to control the machine, process the data required in the production process, control and process the flow of materials, and detect the product.

The process control is to use the industrial computer to collect the detection data in time, and quickly adjust or automatically control the control object according to the optimal value. The use of industrial computer for process control can not only greatly improve the automation level of control, but also improve the timeliness and accuracy of control, thereby improving production conditions, product quality and qualification rate. Therefore, industrial computer process control has been widely used in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile, hydropower, aerospace and other production sectors.

Artificial intelligence is the use of computers to simulate human intellectual activities. At present, many achievements have been made in artificial intelligence research, and some of them have begun to be practical. For example, the Internet of Vehicles and automation of driverless cars, which require cost-effective industrial control computers to collect, process, transmit data and other functions, have been used in the field of driverless cars by an automobile manufacturer. (Recommended embedded industrial computer: MXE-5500HJ)

As another example, the computer case factory running on platform A is set to produce 80,000 cases per day, but sensor data informs that analysis shows that computer production has dropped in the past 2 days, this information is notified on platform A and on the computer screen of the facility maintainer , showing which particular machine is underperforming, and even pinpointing damaged parts on that machine. (Recommended machine status monitor: DEX-100 or MCM-100)

Industrial PCs have been widely used in numerical computing, data processing, aided design and manufacturing, process control, artificial intelligence and other fields, usually to a set of weather forecast numerical calculation, a license plate capture monitoring data analysis, a driverless car automation and so on. In the future of Industry 4.0, Huajie Technology will do its best to dedicate every light and heat!

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