What are the characteristics of the structure of soft magnetic alloy products?

What are the characteristics of the structure of soft magnetic alloy products? Soft magnetic alloys are mainly used for energy conversion and information processing, and are an important material in the national economy. Soft magnetic alloy products are not born in this way, but after continuous evolution and upgrading, the products are so excellent that they are widely used. Technology is the main source of promoting product development. It is also important that humans have a higher demand for products. So what are the characteristics of the product, as shown below:
Soft magnetic alloy

Introduction to the classification of soft magnetic alloys:

It can be divided into low-carbon electrical steel and Amco iron, silicon steel sheet, nickel-iron soft magnetic alloy, iron-cobalt soft magnetic alloy, iron-silicon-aluminum soft magnetic alloy, etc. In the power industry, it is mainly used in the higher magnetic field. Alloy with magnetic induction and low core loss. In the electronics industry, alloys with high permeability and low coercivity under low or medium magnetic fields are mainly used. At high frequencies, thin strips or alloys with higher resistivity must be used. Generally, plates or strips are used.

1. Fe-Ni soft magnetic alloy

Grades: 1J46, 1J50, 1J54, 1J76, 1J77, 1J79, 1J80, 1J85, 1J86, 1J34, 1J51, 1J52, 1J65, 1J66, 1J67, 1J83, 1J403
Executive standard: GBN198-88
Uses: Most of the small transformers, pulse transformers, relays, transformers, magnetic amplifiers, electromagnetic ionization

2. Combiner, choke coil iron core and magnetic shield.

Magnetic temperature compensation alloy
Grades: 1J30, 1J31, 1J32, 1J33, 1J38
Executive standard: GB/T15005-94
Uses: Magnetic shunt compensation components in electromagnetic circuits and permanent magnetic circuits.

3. Corrosion resistant soft magnetic alloy

Grade: 1J36, 1J116, 1J117
Executive standard: GB/T14986-94
Uses: Electromagnetic devices working in oxidizing media and hydrazine media.

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