What are the main surface treatments of aluminum die castings

1. Powder spraying (namely powder spraying): Powder spraying is to use powder spraying equipment to spray powder coating on the surface of the workpiece. Under the action of static electricity, the powder will be uniformly absorbed on the surface of the workpiece to form a powdery coating. After high-temperature baking, leveling and curing, the powder coating becomes the final coating with different effects of powder coating; the spraying effect of powder spraying is better than the spraying process in terms of mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. Also under the same effect of spray paint. Powder spraying is roughly divided into outdoor powder and indoor powder. The texture can be adjusted to various effects, such as smooth, sand texture, foaming, etc.2. Baking paint treatment: The real baking paint process is to use aluminum alloy phosphating and spraying, and then baking after spraying. Such a coating is not only anticorrosive but also bright and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to fall off.Surface pretreatment: degreasing, water washing, rust removal, water washing, surface conditioning, water washing, phosphating, water washing, water washing, drying.The purpose of the pre-treatment of baking varnish is to obtain a good coating, because the above stamping parts will have grease, oxide scale, dust, rust and corrosion on the surface during manufacturing, processing, handling, and storage. If they are not removed, they will It directly affects the performance and appearance of the coating film, so the pretreatment occupies an extremely important position in the coating process.3. Oil injection treatment: Oil injection is the name of the surface coating processing of industrial products. The oil injection processing is generally specialized in plastic injection, silk screen, and pad printing; EVA, rubber and other shoe materials are changed color and silk screen. We have spraying lines, screen printing lines, pad printers and other equipment, and can produce high temperature, friction, UV, alcohol, gasoline and other products according to customer requirements. Processing range: electronic products: ordinary spray paint, PU paint, rubber paint (hand-feel paint), can spray the difficult problems encountered in injection molding processing, such as gas lines, welded joints, etc., have spray rubber paint (hand-feel paint) experience, have Hand-feel paint rework technology.4. Oxidation treatment: The surface of aluminum alloy is oxidized, suitable for conductive oxidation, and aluminum or aluminum profile is suitable for anodic oxidation.The oxidation color of aluminum alloy generally has natural color and sky blue. Anodic oxidation is carried out under the condition of high voltage electricity. It is an electrochemical reaction process; conductive oxidation does not require electricity, but only needs to be immersed in the syrup. It is a pure chemical reaction. The time required for anodizing is very long, often tens of minutes, while conductive oxidation only takes a few tens of seconds.5. Sandblasting: Spray a layer of fine sand on the surface of the aluminum alloy product to enhance the friction coefficient of the contact surface, which can enhance the reliability of the connection. Sand has different thicknesses and textures.
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