What Are The Precautions For Using The G80 Lifting Screw Point

What are the precautions for using the G80 lifting screw point?


    1. Please select the appropriate rotating lifting ring according to your needs. Do not exceed the rated load. Rotating lifting

 ring of CrNiMo alloy steel on the rotating lifting ring; engraved with rated load;

    2. Tap the screw pont on the workpiece to mount the eyebolt vertically on the workpiece surface. The threaded hole 

should be drilled to prevent the top line from being swollen when the ring is twisted;

    3. The surface of the workpiece must be flat so that the gasket of the ring is in full contact with the surface of the 

workpiece, and there must be no gap in the middle;

    4. Do not install a pad between the ring gasket and the surface of the workpiece;

    5. After the installation is completed, the side of the U-shaped bolt of the lifting ring shall not touch the object or other 


    6. When lifting, please apply the load at a constant speed, gradually increase the force, and do not apply impact load and

 vibration load;

    7. When the G80 lifting screw point is used, the eyebolt may gradually loosen, and the torque must be re-adjusted again; the 

bolt should be checked and tightened to the recommended torque regularly;

    8. G80 lifting screw point must use special special bolts and nuts;

   9. G80 lifting screw point are not suitable for high-speed rotation at full load.

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