What are the technical requirements for processing precision zinc alloy die castings

Precision zinc alloy die castings are usually used in the fields of electronic product accessories and equipment accessories. However, unlike ordinary die castings, precision zinc alloy die castings require higher product accuracy, and the general size error is 0.02mm~0.01mm between.

Technical requirements for processing precision zinc alloy die castings:


1. The design requirements for zinc alloy die-casting molds must be reasonable. The processing Mold parts must be completely consistent with 3D and 2D drawings. The processing procedures must be rigorous. If the shape and size of the Mold parts have errors, it will affect the entire die-casting product. Therefore, it is necessary to design well, and then control the parts of the mold during processing.


Second, there are also requirements for the processing equipment of zinc alloy die-casting molds. Generally, the mold processing equipment of zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers is uneven, which causes many products to be made by different manufacturers with different accuracy. I suggest you here. Choose to cooperate with a die-casting manufacturer with imported equipment, or cooperate with a manufacturer with many years of experience in the production of precision die-casting parts, which will help ensure the accuracy of the product.


Third, the post-processing of precision zinc alloy die castings is also very important. Due to the characteristics of zinc alloy materials, when the die casting mold is used for a certain life, it is easy to produce burrs or small structure defects. The research here is to repair the mold The improvement is still through the post-processing process, so the post-processing of the zinc alloy die casting is also very important.


Fourth, the surface treatment process of zinc alloy die castings also has an impact on the accuracy of the product. If the customized process is oil injection, then the coating thickness of the oil injection must be taken into account, so as to design the shrinkage rate and polishing process of the product in the mold. Pay special attention when waiting for the links, otherwise the die castings produced will easily cause poor appearance and assembly.


5. Choose suitable tonnage die-casting equipment. Usually this is based on the size and weight of customized zinc alloy die-casting parts. Common die-casting equipment is 88 tons, 168 tons, etc., depending on the characteristics of the product. As long as it is a professional precision zinc alloy die-casting manufacturer, they know how to choose.

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