What are the technological process terms in metal stamping processing?

Metal stamping is a process that uses punches and molds to deform or break iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and other materials to achieve a certain shape and size. Metal stamping is sometimes called sheet forming, but there is a slight difference. The stamping industry is an industry that involves a wide range of fields, and goes deep into all aspects of the manufacturing industry. In foreign countries, stamping is called sheet metal forming. Its basic technological process is as follows:

1. Deep Drawing

A stamping process in which straight wool or process parts are turned into hollow parts, or the hollow parts are further changed in shape and size. During deep drawing, the hollow part is mainly formed by the material located outside the bottom of the convex die flowing into the concave die.


A stamping process that uses metal stamping dies to trim the edges of the forming process so that it has a certain diameter, a certain height or a certain shape.


A stamping process that separates the waste from the material or process parts along a closed contour, and obtains the required holes in the material or precision stamping parts.

4. Flanging

A stamping process in which a short side is turned upside down along the contour curve.

5.Turn the hole

A stamping process in which the material is turned around the inner hole into a side flange.


A stamping process that separates materials along a closed contour. The separated materials become workpieces or process parts, most of which are flat.

7.Plastic surgery

A stamping process that relies on the flow of materials and changes the shape and size of the process parts in a small amount to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece.

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