What Are The Tips Of The Rigging Chain Sling Suspension Operation?

What are the tips of the rigging chain sling suspension operation?


    The rigging chain sling is a device for lifting heavy objects in the hoisting machinery. It is recommended that you follow 

the precautions for the operation of the general sling in order to ensure safe lifting.

    1. Surface inspection: By visual inspection, touch and check the surface condition of the sling, the surface should be 

smooth, no burrs, no sharp angles, no cracks, folding, over-burning and other defects.

    2. During the use, the sling chain should not be twisted or knotted, and the adjacent chain ring should be flexible; pay 

attention to the angle and position of the spreader, the sling and the hook.

    3. Bundle hoisting attention to the edges and corners, take measures at the corners; when placing, use the slings under 

the objects to prevent damage to the slings, and it is strictly forbidden to shorten or lengthen the slings at will.

    4. Strictly use the slings within the rated load range in strict accordance with the instructions provided by the 

manufacturer. It is strictly forbidden to use them.

    5. Before lifting, carefully check whether the equipment is hung up. When lifting, it is strictly forbidden for people to work

 or walk under heavy objects. When lifting goods, it should be slow and steady when lifting, lowering and stopping. Pay 

attention to the balance of gravity of the object to be lifted. And do not hang heavy objects on the sling for a long time.

    6. Do not force the chain sling from the weight or roll the weight on the sling.



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