What are the understandings of CNC machining parts?

When we understand a thing or a product, we must first understand its basic knowledge, or basic information. These are very important, which will help us better understand it, what is a mechanical part? Something, what do you know about it? Let's take a look at the small series of mechanical parts processing for you to answer.
 The connection of cnc machining parts. Such as : threaded joints, wedge joints, pin joints, key joints, spline joints, interference fit joints, elastic ring joints, riveting, welding and gluing.  Mechanical transmissions such as belt drive, friction wheel drive, key drive, harmonic drive, gear drive, rope drive and screw drive that transmit motion and energy, and corresponding shafting zeros for drive shafts, couplings, clutches and brakes ) pieces. CNC machining parts that support, such as bearings, housings, and housings.Mechanical parts processing Lubrication system and seal for lubrication.  As a discipline, mechanical parts are based on the overall design of mechanical design, comprehensively applying the results of various related disciplines, studying the principles, structures, characteristics, applications, failure modes, carrying capacity and design procedures of various basic components; Theories, methods, and guidelines establish a theoretical system that combines the realities of the discipline and become an important foundation for research and design machinery.Mechanical parts processing The above is the understanding of mechanical parts. Through this essay, you can clearly understand it and understand all the information about it. If you need to know more about the processing of mechanical parts, welcome new and old customers to come and consult. 
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